Sherlyn Chopra Sees Cocaine Usage Among Cricketers’ Wives at an IPL After-Party.

Sherlyn Chopra Sees Cocaine Usage Among Cricketers’ Wives at an IPL After-Party.
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Actress Sherlyn Chopra has revealed that she saw drug use amongst cricketers’ wives at an IPL after-party. The actress, who was invited to the post-match party of the Kolkata Knight Riders, says that she noticed a lot of people, including ladies’ wives, smoking crack cocaine. However, she has not identified the particular cricketer but has said that she will help the Narcotics Control Bureau if they contact her.

Sherlyn, who was at the party, refused to name any celebrities but did reveal the date and place of the event. In response to a query about the identity of the stars in the IPL after-party, Sherlyn stated that she would help the NCB if contacted. She did not disclose the names of the star wives she claimed she witnessed.

Sherlyn Chopra has claimed that she saw the cricketers’ star wives using cocaine during an IPL after-party. In an interview with ABP News, the actress revealed that she has not yet disclosed the name of the celebrities but is willing to cooperate with the NCB in the case. She has also stated that she would share the names of the famous celebrities involved if asked.


The actress stated that she would cooperate with the NCB if they summoned her for questioning. The actress refused to identify the celebrities in question but reportedly saw the athletes taking cocaine at a club. Sherlyn said that she would not name any names. She has also said that she would be happy to help the department investigate the issue of drug usage among the stars of Bollywood.

The actress said that she had seen some of the star wives snorting cocaine in a women’s restroom, and similar scenes had been seen in a men’s restroom. She did not name the player, but she offered to cooperate with the investigation. While she declined to identify any specific celebrity, she also said that she would be willing to assist the NCB with any information she had.

While the actor has not named the cricketers, she has given names of those who have used the drug. The actress also claims to have seen the wives of the cricketers snorting cocaine while they were at the party. Arrests have not been made yet, but she’s still willing to help the NCB investigate the matter. Sherlyn has said that she will not name the cricketers or celebrities she sees using drugs.


Who is Sherlyn Chopra?

She is an Indian actress and model and has appeared in Hindi films and became the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine. The photographs were released two years later. In addition to her acting career, Sherlyn Chopra is also known for hosting MTV’s Splitsvilla. She is currently in the sixth season of the show. This actress and model has been compared to other Bollywood stars.

The actress has a long and colorful career, starting from singing in B-grade Bollywood movies to hosting MTV Splitsvilla. Chopra started her acting career by participating in the reality show Bigg Boss 3 in 2009, where she was evicted after three weeks. In 2002, Sherlyn Chopra appeared in the movie Madhuram. She later starred in the movie Time Pass and appeared as a lead role in the Bollywood film Red Swastik.


Since then, Chopra has made her name as a television host and actress. She has hosted several MTV Splitsvilla competitions and even participated in the TV show Bigg Boss. However, she was eliminated within 27 days of the show. She then began her acting career with the movie Madhuram, and soon after that, she made her debut in Time Pass. She then went on to star in other movies, including Beeper, Wajaah Tum Ho, and University.

She is a former Miss Andhra Beauty Pageant winner, and her first Bollywood movie was “Sexy Boss” in 2001. However, Chopra has never publicly revealed her boyfriend’s name. She is a well-rounded woman, and many fans will appreciate her work. The only thing that stands between her and your approval of her body image is the fact that she is a successful actress and model.

Sherlyn Chopra was born in Hyderabad, India. She studied at a Christian school in Secunderabad. After graduating from high school, she went on to complete her further studies at St. Ann’s College for Women. In December 2013, she launched a music single called “Bad Girl”. She also has thousands of Instagram followers. She has a huge fan base following her profiles.

Chopra has appeared in many Bollywood films and starred in the sixth season of MTV Splitsville. She is also a TV host for the popular show Splitsvilla. After her big break-out, she starred in a starring role in “Bad Girl”. She is also a singer. She has released a single called “Bad Girl.”

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