Shanaya Abigail is Bruno’s newest global brand spokesperson.

Shanaya Abigail is Bruno’s newest global brand spokesperson.

On Monday, the Bruno brand developers declared the online sensation that Shanaya Abigail became the brand ambassador for the American market.

Speaking about her brand endorsement, Abigail says: “I never knew something like this was coming for me, especially an international textile brand.

“Considering that Bruno gives girls plenty of designers wear to feel good, to feel confident and strong, to feel comfortable, I have honored to be a global ambassador for the new and represent women all around the globe.” Shanaya Abigail spoke to Newplus.

Abigail will combine Heidi Klum and Kate Moss as a brand ambassador, and creative campaign shooting will be done in NY by the end of this month. One week shooting scheduled is fixed for a TV commercial and print shoot. A mall event also has planned to showcase the designer brand with selected customers part of the post-launch promotion.

“I want the young generation to come forward and express their ideas, whether it’s about fashion or designs, experimenting with their creativity, and expressing their opinion,” Abigail explains.

“The world is moving every day getting updated, and Bruno designer wear is accepting the change and getting part of it in a positive manner because the brand is standing with youth and understanding them better to realize their and speaking their thoughts.” She added.

After the contact with Bruno has materialized, Shanaya Abigail seems more confident today than ever. Recently she had signed another web series production, which helped her to increase 23% of personal net worth.

“I feel very comfortable now- so good to talk about this deal. This will be an amazing thing in my life- I am just discovering myself,” Abigail reveals.

I know, I’ve made the space in the web series segments; grown happily and powerfully according to my passion. I am very comfortable with what I am doing now; I want to go forward in the same way and want to live.

“I’ve hadn’t felt so excited, confident, and that I believe that something more going to happen. Now is the beginning of happiness, hope it will continue the rest of my lifetime and I don’t want to look back in time, let’s go.” Abigail says.

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