Schools and colleges in New York will be closed for this academic year.

Schools and colleges in New York will be closed for this academic year.
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New York City’s colleges and public schools will stay closed throughout till the end of this academic year, NY mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted on Sunday, confirming that more than three months of regular classes for more than one million students would be lost due to the Wuhan virus pandemic.

For students who attend online classes have special arrangements to continue their studies from home. Many school students depending on the food and care they receive on the regular school days, for them, it will be a tough time.

“There’s nothing easy concerning this shutdown call,” Mr. Blasio said during a press meet on Sunday. “Lord is aware of, having to inform you that we cannot bring our private school and colleges are back for the rest of the college days this year is painful. I can even tell you is that the right thing to do. It’ll clearly facilitate us save lives.”


But shortly once the mayor finished his press meet, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo at his news briefing said there has no decision about closing colleges in the NY city. He delineates Mr. Blasio’s statement.

Mr. Cuomo said the choice to open NY city colleges was his, but Mr. de Blasio countered that in a television news section on Sunday late night.

“I manage the college system,” along with the school’s chancellor, Richard A. Carranza, the mayor said, citing mayoral control of city schools and colleges.


“We are the people charged with protecting our youngsters, our families,” he added, “This is what we’re planning to do.”

Mr. de Blasio stated he would discuss with the governor, however, he said he didn’t have a responsibility “to another elected official. My responsibility is to those students.”

The governor and mayor have been political issues for years. NY city usually makes its own decisions concerning closures, even on snow days.


The decision to extend the lockdown added to an enormous challenge for roughly 1,800 schools across the city’s five boroughs, which have disorganized to regulate remote learning since they were initially closed on March 16.

“Our educators were asked to learn an entirely new method of teaching,” Mr.Blasio said.

Though new york city is the epicenter of the nation’s coronavirus occurrence, more than a dozen states, including Pennsylvania and California, have already declared that their school and colleges will stay remain closed through the end of this academic year.

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