Saudi embassy will reopen in Qatar soon.

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The kingdom had pulled its envoy as it enforced a blockade in its neighbor over three decades back, but full diplomatic ties have restored between the GCC member countries.

“Our embassy will probably be headquartered in Doha very soon after finishing necessary processes,” The Saudi Foreign Minister told a media conference in Riyadh.

Even though Riyadh declared the expected resumption of work during its embassy in Doha, Abu Dhabi and Manama haven’t yet revealed when their assignments will magnify their doors.

Although Egypt, the fourth member of this blockading had withdrawn its ambassador at the onset of the catastrophe, the Egyptian consulate didn’t stop its operations throughout the blockade with thousands of its national work in Qatar.

The complete recovery of diplomatic ties between the quartet and Qatar was made official on January 5th, when most nations signed up the Al Ula Declaration in the 41st GCC Summit in Saudi Arabia.

Though the announcement hasn’t yet been made public, it involved advancing army integration under the oversight of their GCC defense Institution, concerted efforts to fight problems that threaten the area, and guarantees that a complete lifting of travel restrictions enforced on Qatar.

The announcement also guarantees that all signatories don’t interfere with one the other’s sovereignty and international policies.

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