Is the Fenty made out of fish gel?

Is the Fenty made out of fish gel?
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For every intercontinental business, the Asian market is the biggest platform to play around with challenging competition. Imagine a successful brand getting contaminated on this large trade platform due to political concerns.

Rihanna Fenty, the charming lady behind the successful product range, has made her fortune through her music. She has owned many product portfolios that have high brand value in the fashion segment.


The misleading information had spread over the phone. It constructed an image that Fenty lipstick is made out of fish gel, and it claims due to the non-veg content, it is not significant for the one who is practicing vegetarianism.

However, its website mentions that the Fenty lipstick has been made through a combined liquid and water formula for a better luminesce.

Due to her social and political issues, the entrepreneur who enjoys singing has caused many controversies, which have reflected on her business and personal brand image.


The Grammy Lady has come across many controversies. It included a case she had filed against her father. Her determination to get involved in Indian politics drew a lot of criticism. Another allegation raised was that she was subjected to child labor at her production unit.

Even though it’s obvious that the reason behind the spread of contradictory interpretations of Rihanna Fenty’s brand was her recent trespass into Indian domestic politics. Many celebrities have disputed her in that instance, including the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

The hunt for Fenty’s lipstick caused her to update the product specifications on the website. It shows it contains liquid-based wax and oil; cocoa butter is another substance used with added color. 


However, we can’t ignore the role of competitors’ interest at the wrong time, but the conventional phenomenon is that each product has a specific brand strategy to build, not just utilizing an opportunity to hit another market player.

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