Redefining Forex trading

Redefining Forex trading
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Kershner Trading Group was founded in 1993 with the objective to give maximum profits for their forex trading investors. Currently has offices in Austin and Midtown, Manhattan.

Kershner initially started as a forex trading broker for small-time investors, within a short time span had expanded to trade in large platforms such as commodity and currency trading.

Kershner Forex Trading was started on the investment concept that every investor should have an equal opportunity to succeed in trading. To have the forex trading skill, platform, and experience to move beyond there limits. Kershner provides the best forex trading platform to its investors where the best trading ideas and opportunities are shared, helping everyone to have successful trading.

According to Kershner Trading Group spoke person “We think of it as democratizing trading, and it’s exactly how we empower those who work with us. Our traders are trusted with more capital and more autonomy. Which means the sky’s the limit. How far they go is entirely up to them”.

Kershner Group has been in the forex trading business field since 1993 and serving for 1000 of satisfied investors.

In entire history, Kershner Trading has focused on a proprietary method that helps its investors and traders ahead of the competitive forex trading market, and the dedication made them one of the strongest integrated trading platforms in this business category. Kersh has expert advisers to help the investors in the area of the gray box and black box trading and its functioning are fully automated.

They have launched their proprietary execution trading platform Gr8trade in 1998 since it has been growing to one of the top platforms in the forex trading industry. CloudQuant is another successful trading platform is introduced by Kershner Group. It’s a free tool developed in such a way that anyone can develop trading algorithms, that give the best trading opportunity.

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