Rafale arrived in India; No more crossing the border to burn down terrorist bases.

Rafale arrived in India; No more crossing the border to burn down terrorist bases.

On Wednesday at 3 pm, when the first lot of Rafale fighter jets touched down at the Air Force base, Ambala, marked again to attack. The five jets, part of this 36 purchased from Dassault Aviation of France, came at a rousing welcome. They are the first step to building up the IAF power to 42 fighter jet squadrons. The IAF now has 31 units, including five.

The Indian forces evaluate a demand for 42 squadrons to simultaneously tackle a two-front war with Pakistan and China. The remaining 31 Rafales will be delivered progressively till May 2023 or within the next 34 months. 20 LCA Tejas will have inducted over the subsequent two decades, which will have added to the fleet of 20 Tejas fighters.

The IAF has expressed an interest in securing another 114 fighter jets under the”strategic partnership” version. In the race to get this tender would be the Lockheed Martin’s F-21, Boeing’s F/A-18IN, Eurofighter Typhoon, French Dassault’s Rafale, Swedish Saab’s Gripen and Russian MiG-35 and Sukhoi 35. But not much has proceeded to the front.

Rafale fighter jets land in Haryana as the new guard of the Indian Defense Forces. According to the defense report that all the five aircraft that arrived in the first phase would have deployed in Ladakh. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also issued a warning to terrorists those trying to enter the Indian border. Rafale’s arrival is a stern warning to China and Pakistan.

The Rafale is one of the most modern and powerful fighter jets in the world. India is procuring 36 such Rafale aircraft from France. However, the most significant setback for the Indian Air Force will be the increase in its strength in Pakistan and China. Neither China nor Pakistan has a single fighter jet lying to Rafale. It is this reality that worries these countries.

Rafale has doubled the strength of the Indian Army, which is known for its cross-border poaching. In the past, if India had crossed the border and set fire to terrorist bases in Balakot, things would have been much more relaxed. It helps India can use Rafale to attack without crossing the air border. Rafale fighter jets are capable of air to air, air to ground and air to surface. Rafale can also use nuclear weapons accurately.

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