Qatar traffic violation – Major part is over speed.

Qatar traffic violation – Major part is over speed.
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According to a recent study done by Qatar traffic, 68% of traffic violations has related to over speed. The latest traffic data indicate that speeding is the main offender in the Doha roads.

An average of 1.5 million traffic violation is filed every year by the Qatar traffic department, and the high number of cases are over speeding. Speed limit violations had been recorded by camera devices installed in various parts of Qatar.

Last year’s database shows, 1.7 million over speed and traffic violation cases had registered and collected fine from the offenders. In the overall traffic violation, cases have increased compared to the last few years. As per the Qatar traffic department authorities, a rise in the traffic violation case is because of the increase of new drivers in the nation.

A massive increase in the population had caused a high number of road accidents. Traffic violations such as overspeeding and read signal cutting are the main reasons for the increasing number of casualties. A local media reported.

Business travelers from GCC countries can use their existing driving license to drive rent-a-car in Qatar; those unaware of road maps and locations also cause to increase the traffic violations and road accidents.

MOI Qatar has started a social media campaign targeting youngsters to avoid traffic violations and reduce accidents. MOI awareness initiative has a good response from the youth, and they start acting positively.

Qatar traffic department has started mobile cameras to catch the speed traffic offenses. It will install on the traffic department vehicles and patrol throughout the day.

MOI had added more people in their team for analyzing the traffic violation captured by the radar, and the charge sheet can pass on to the driver immediately.

According to the Qatar traffic department, the latest report shows that the number of road accident cases have decreased in this year compared to last year. Traffic violations ratio also has reduced simultaneously.

Another essential point to notice that 97% of accident cases are without any casualty.

MOI Qatar traffic violation-fines updates.

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