Police stations are the hub of human rights violations. Says Justice N. V. Ramana.

Police stations are the hub of human rights violations. Says Justice N. V. Ramana.
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The Indian apex court, Justice N. V. Ramana, makes an extremely valuable point about human rights violations in police stations in an open forum. Many lockup walls have witnessed critical violationtos, and a considerable number of innocent people have lost their lives and loved ones due to the criminal nature of police.

Most of the time, police misuse their power on citizens in stations and even in public places. According to Justice, the current scenario is not acceptable in any manner, it’s shameful for the nation, and a constructive initiative is important to change the scenario.

Offering regular effective counseling and mental fitness workout for the police force can uplift the mediocre situation to a certain hopeful extent. Stated Justice N. V. Ramana. He also holds the mentor position of the National Legal Service Authority.


Many tangible innocents are dynamically brought to the station in many circumstances, and they have the constitutional right to get free legal aid, and the station officer can’t deny it. Also, he insisted on fixing awareness posters at every police terminal.

Injustice was done to a scientist.

Nambi Narayanan-the scientist’s case was an ideal example of a police conspiracy. A group of senior police officials put him in the calaboose and brutally attacked him. They had fabricated evidence to put him behind the bar forever. This had happened in Kerala, a southern state of India.


Robert Moses, an American activist, spoke about this incident a few years ago. According to him, it was enchantingly planned by a Chinese spy agent to put hurdles in India’s technological growth path. 1.3 million US dollars was transferred from a Beijing firm to a Singapore-based account to operate this unethical strategy. Who all shared sin’s money?

In case you can visualize the degree of human rights infringement that happened in a police quarter. Considering the illegitimate cops’ outline abanded a scientist’s life, think about an ordinary person’s day in a police station.

Last year, in Tamilnadu, police brutally beat and killed a father and son for being five minutes late in shutting down their shop. During the lockdown, many human violations are committed throughout every nook and corner of the country.


According to the NHRC-India report, 113 people died due to torture in police custody in 2020. Unfortunately, only a few get punished, and many cases are on trial.

The regretful fact is that the police have been misusing their power for their own absolute gain or to favor someone who does favors for them. If a person had questioned them about an unlawful action by cops, the consequence would be a nonbailable case against them.

To bring an end to the increasing framed cases, the judiciary should have taken serious actions against cops who misuse their power over the public. Also, fighters for justice focus on the explicit stretch to sustain human rights and build up a peaceful society.

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