New Yorker’s are making an attempt to call for unemployment for Weeks.

New Yorker’s are making an attempt to call for unemployment for Weeks.

In response to queries on unemployment, New York people said on Monday it had been hosting a new unemployment website in an association with Google by April 9th, which it had simply added 310 more help center employees. It continues to induce nearly 81,300 claims calls daily.

An unemployed New York citizen says she is called the New York State Department of Labor a minimum of 1,500 times within the last 15 days. Another says, on Wednesday, she called over 250 times. No answer from their end. Currently, most of them are running out of money, and do not savvy how they are going to pay their rent.

New Yorkers are applying for unemployment benefits in record numbers, quite 450,000 in the last two weeks. However, whether they receive it’s a different story. The Department of Labor demands that the unemployed call to verify their employment status before claiming insurance, in addition to a large overload of its system is leaving several citizens feeling abandoned and financially vulnerable because the COVID-19 crisis drags on.

Mary Patricia was laid off 24 days ago from her hotel job and she applied for unemployment insurance right away, however, each day since she has been making an attempt to call the New York State Department of Labor to substantiate her request and is obtaining a busy line. Currently, she’s running out of cash to buy the food.

“Without any source of income, I’m harming through my savings trying to shop for some amount of groceries so I won’t need to leave my house. I still was forced to pay my mobile bill and utilities for this month. This whole experience has created me feel handicap, and as if I’m running out of time.”

Patricia’s story is one of many New York citizens. The Department of Labor needs applicants to call to verify certain info once submitting their claim on the website. The matter for several New Yorkers, they cannot connect through.

“Once I had done with applying on-line I was told I have to call a representative to complete my insurance claim,” Patricia said. “I have been constantly calling ever since, sometimes many times ne’er getting past a busy line. Yesterday I had called over 300 times. Sometimes I get to the automated system and that they hang up on me halfway through.” She added.

Image credits: LA Times

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