M.A. Yusuff Ali repays DH 400,000 debts of a paralyzed man in Dubai.

M.A. Yusuff Ali repays DH 400,000 debts of a paralyzed man in Dubai.

Lulu group chairman Mr. M.A Yusaff Ali had rescued Mr. Moosakutty, a paralyzed business person, who was in trouble to move out of UAE because of his illness and his obligation towards financial institutions.

Moosakutty Puzhakkara was a well-known businessman in the UAE after continuously facing health issues, and he couldn’t manage his business very well. In a short time, he had become paralyzed and depended on his good wishes to make his family’s ends meet. Collection agents from the bank had put him pressure on debt collection and troubled him a lot.

After knowing the current stage of Moosakutty, Yusaff Ali had come forward to help him and paid off all his debt dues and cleared all financial commitments. Now Moosakutty is happy and getting ready to set back in the home town Kerala.

Yusuff Ali, president of Lulu Group – a retail chain based in UAE, gross revenue over 8.4 billion USD, has 190 hypermarkets and shopping malls worldwide.

Who is M.A. Yusuff Ali ?

Born and brought up in a village of Kerala, a southern state of India, moved to UAE to find a job in 1973 and started working with a distribution company based in Abu Dhabi. Yusuff Ali started his own business in 1990, and the LuLu hypermarket brand is born in UAE in the peak of the Gulf War.

He has started investing in various metro cities in India. Convention centers, malls, hotels, and hypermarkets are the dominant sector were Yusuff Ali had shown interest.

According to Forbes, the self-made entrepreneur revenue presides over 8.4 billion. Yusuff Ali’s Lulu group has 188 retail outlets worldwide. His retail business added new portfolios such as hospitality and convention centers. 

Image credits: Forbes

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