Long Island LA Fitness boss sexually harassed a female trainer.

Long Island LA Fitness boss sexually harassed a female trainer.

Selina Ruckdeschel, 21 from Babylon, a personal trainer at an LA Fitness center on Long Island says her boss used his powerful position to repeatedly harass her with unwanted touching and demands she drives him around.

In one instance, the male supervisor allegedly approached Selina with an erect penis visible under his clothing and asked if she wanted to “see” it, according to a complaint filed against sexual harassment with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

Selina Ruckdeschel, filed the complaint last week before she had posted on social media about her bad experience at the workplace. She alleges the boss, identified as Herb Valentine, made her work life a living hell and that LA Fitness center management failed to investigate and take appropriate action when she complained.

Herb Valentine not available for any comment and hung up when reached by News Plus. Repeated calls and texts directed at LA Fitness executives went unanswered.

Selina says the sexual abuse started just days after Herb hired her at the LA Fitness center in Lindenhurst last September 2019.

“Can I see a photo of you in a small bikini?” he allegedly texted to her WhatsApp on October 4th, highlighted on her complaint.

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