Liberty University Brings Back Its Students in the Pandemic.

Liberty University Brings Back Its Students in the Pandemic.

As Liberty college’s recess was drawing to a close this month, Jerry Falwell jr., president of University, spoke with the doctors who run Liberty college student health care service concerning the rampaging Wuhan virus.

“We have lost the ability to lock up this issue,” Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr. said; however he did not ask to lockdown the college.

Mr. Falwell, a staunch ally of Mr. Trump and an important voice in the fundamentalist world, re-opened the college last week, sparking a firestorm. As of Friday, Dr. Eppes said in a press meet, nearly a dozen Liberty University students are sick with an infection that suggested the Wuhan virus, the disease caused by Covid-19. Four were shifted to isolation centers and an additional eight were told to self-quarantine.

As of March 29 evening, of those four students diagnosed, one was positive, one was negative and another two student’s test results are still pending, said Dr. Thomas, who added that the student who tested positive for Coronavirous lives outside the campus.

“Liberty University will be notifying the student community as deemed appropriate and required by law,” Mr. Falwell said in a press conference on Sunday once confronted with the total numbers. He added that any Liberty student currently returning to the college campus would be required to self-isolation for two weeks.

“I can’t be sure what’s going on with students who aren’t being tested, however, who are being suggested to self-quarantine,” said Kerry Gateley, the health director of the Central Virginia Health District.

“I would assume that if doctors were concerned enough about the possibility of Wuhan virus disease to urge self-quarantine that appropriate screening and necessary testing would be organized.”

Later, the Liberty university authorities said it had asked four students who came from New York City and two of their classmates to self-isolate, however, none of them were referred for virus tests and none had any symptoms.

One student who came from Italy with a high number of infected cases was running a fever and cough. He was tested and elected to travel home pending the results instead of self-isolate, the Liberty university authorities said.

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