Liberty University Brings Back Its Students in the Pandemic.

Liberty University Brings Back Its Students in the Pandemic.
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Before the end of this month, Jerry Falwell, Jr., the University of Liberty president, talked with the physicians who operate the student health service about the coronavirus.

Thomas Eppes Jr. said, “We’ve lost the opportunity to keep this thing under control,”

Donald Falwell, a staunch friend of Trump, reopened Liberty University last week, culminating in much public coverage. That was on Friday, according to Dr. Eppes, about a dozen students at Liberty University had contracted Covi-19, a viral infection. Four people were moved to an isolation facility, and the rest were advised to self-treat for now.

As of this date, only one of the four students studied has Coronaviruses; the findings of the other three are still pending; and the results of the other student have only recently been received, according to Dr. Thomas.

Mr. Falwell made the total figures known in a press conference on Sunday as he had to report the total. Informally: He stated that every existing Liberty student would be forced to remain alone on campus for two weeks.

There’s no way of knowing what is happening with students that aren’t being screened, but several students recommended to self-quarantine are nonetheless infected, reported Kerry Gateley, the director of the Central Virginia Health District.

It is reasonable to believe that if the coronavirus were a medical problem, monitoring, and further tests would be provided for the doctor’s patients.

Later, the Liberty University administration requested four students from New York City and two of their schoolmates to quarantine themselves and noticed none of them had tested positive for any infection.

Several students who traveled from Italy had a high fever and a cough. He was permitted to return home pending results, the university authorities said.

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