Kendall Jenner strips down and opens up during her interview with CK

Kendall Jenner strips down and opens up during her interview with CK

Kendall Jenner has proven to be a sight for sore eyes on a weekday once she shared a slew of behind the silver screen image and videos from her recent CK campaign on Instagram.

Jenner’s posts connected to a full-length Youtube featurette that enclosed a question and answer version interview with the 24-year-old model. The American model spoke frankly regarding the relationship she shares along with her sisters, her admiration for mommy kris Jenner, and why she is so happy being one amongst the faces of CK.

As Kendall extends on her answers, b-roll of the young model showcasing the most recent designs from the designer’s Spring 2020 Jeans and innerwear campaign contend out in TV commercials. Kendall flaunted the whole thing of her svelte physique in a very slinky black two-piece, whereas she shimmied across the set floor in a very pair of white crew socks.

The runway model got a touch more covered-up for one explicit moment of the shoot that needed her to don a white tank-top tucked into a pair of baggy athletic shorts. For her interview segments, Kendall Jenner opted for a white cut-off design tank that featured the CK brand identity across the front.

‘It is usually so nice to be here on set with CK,’ began the fresh-faced beauty. ‘At this moment, I actually have done it so much that it’s so comfortable and it’s really easy to just get right into the groove of things.’

Kendall was then prompted to elaborate on her personal design, that she delineates as ‘pretty different,’ however also ‘chill and casual in style.’

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