Its time to sell the investment portfolio. Says Djordje Novakovic.

Its time to sell the investment portfolio. Says Djordje Novakovic.
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I made the difficult financial decision I have ever done such a thing before.; says Djordje Novakovic, an investment advisor. After speaking to my traders and investors, I arrived in such a desition.

“Record unemployment, an inflated stock market, and a health crisis can’t be good for investors portfolio. It stays level or the same. But you may say the everyday records are highs, the possibility of that is low very soon.” Djordje Novakovic said.

His logic is critical at this moment. Whenever there is too much risk factor for investors in financial markets, one of the best things you can do is make the most of the sit on the sidelines for a short time. When shares plummet, you will miss a few of the discounts, but at least you maintain your sanity.

So I hit the sell button. I’m out of the markets for the near future, but my investors are safe from losing their investments. This environment reeks of the tech bubble and 2008 around again. History is not the same, but it sure as hell. So I’m sitting in money. I’ve made 37 percent off the portfolio, and it’s time to start doing the action.

Djordje Novakovic is a Switzerland based young forex trader and investment advisor, graduated from a well-known business school having multiple portfolio trading skill.

The current market issues are multi-faceted

In America, the federal reserve is inflating and the stock exchange facing issues because of quantitive dollar production.

The Collateralized Loan Obligation issue is a real fact in our nation. It is the same as the CDO problem that happened in the 2008 worldwide recession, and it’s hard to face. Banks going to face loans default customers, and that is very likely to have a cascade financial effect.

The stimulation payments delivery from the government will come to an end. The mortgage payments will go to a paralyzed stage and property income will finish. This situation is very likely to be a cliff that will cause many financial troubles.

In America, we’ve had to go into a third stage lockdown. That is a reality in the current situation many countries will face, and time isn’t suitable for investments. Says Djordje Novakovic.

That’s why I can wake up without any stress; every day, I can leave peacefully. Suppose you give the ideal financial advice for your investors you peacefully walk-in the street without wearing a mask. The situation out of my front door is not getting better; then how I can expect a better investment opportunity in the next coming days?

Thinking about investments to gain is the last thing I want at this time, and you’re probably in a similar situation. Despite stocks moving into a better position and all of the hype about making profits, it is false hope. Novakovic has an excellent track record in the investment advisory role, and most of these traders trust his opinion about new market trends.

When the market is full of hype, move forward.
Do regular market watch, take a life raft, and observe the storms from a distance space. Walking everywhere with money is not a cure for investment anxiety. It’s okay if lifting off all market trends called me a needy consultant. End of the day, the result counts is whether a loss is not caused by you or not.

Many investors never who don’t have many ideas about futuristic trade get into the forex market and make a significant loss from a business. They have very much excited by the past performance of a stock, without doing any homework just giving instructions to the traders to invest in a particular portfolio.

Novakovic says right now, and this is the scenario happening and most of the consultants hesitate to go for a trade. You can always get back into the market but getting out is tough during a black swan event. Meaning it’s an event no one could have predicted that has significant ramifications. Selling before the storm, even if you forfeit some of your gains, is a better option. He added.

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