How to Start a Dog Daycare Business.

How to Start a Dog Daycare Business.

All segments of the American dog daycare industry–food, accessories, toys, boarding, grooming, and breeding–are seeing exponential growth. The latest reports show that 15 percent is growing and is expected to be worth 70 million in 2020. The growth potential in the pet business has opened up several business opportunities, dog boarding and daycare being one option.

Dog boarding, also known as Dog daycare, is a service that allows owners to drop off their dogs for a particular length of time by paying a fixed amount. Dogs walked are fed and cared for by the staff, who make sure the dogs stay joyful and healthy. Some dog boarding facilities also offer additional services such as pet daycare meant for all those owners who require care for their pets while they’re at work or engaged.

You might set up a doggy salon and swimming pool in the pet boarding to pull in customers looking for your puppies’ activities. First, you’ll need a 4,000-5000 sq ft land for your dog care center as puppies need large open space for playing. In terms of location, I suggest that you locate pet care in the vicinity of residential areas with most households.

It would be better to lease a property with a little office space built on it as constructing everything from scratch can cost a bomb. Once the place is finalized, the next step is to set up and supply the boarding. You’ll need to construct at least 6-7 iron or rooms cages for puppies if you live in a city like Miami, and provide them with a mattress, food bowl, lover or maybe an AC or cooler.

After rooms, you must set up a play area for puppies with slides, toys, and maybe even a swimming pool. Should you wish to provide grooming services, you may take a franchise of a favorite pet salon manufacturer or set up your salon.

Setting up a dog boarding requires a one-time massive investment in preparing the facility. Furnishing and additional construction in the center will cost 25,000 USD. Developing the play area will cost around USD 1000-1500. Add another USD 2,000-2,500 on utility deposits, creating permits for the website and other costs. As for operational costs, leasing of a 4000 sq feet land will be upwards of 3000 USD a month. For dog’s food will be USD 3,00-500 a month, electricity and water bills could amount to approximately USD 1,000 per month and dog food.

The next significant chunk of your operating costs will be staffing, which is for two individuals who will handle office work and two assistants. Of course, if you feel the office work yourself, you also can save to a great extent this cost. You might not need to initially hire more than one helper until you start getting 5-6 puppies for daily keeping. The next charge will be on online marketing, which will cost USD 1,000-1,500 a month until you get sufficient repeat customers.

Fees will vary by the sort of space, services, and age of the dog. Charge for the stay to get a fundamental non-AC room ranges from USD 100-200. Including boarding and food. Whereas a similar AC space can bring you up to USD 250 approximately USD 300, it’s possible to charge to get a room with more relaxed in the same category.

If you provide pool services, you can add another USD 70-100 into the area fee. For a puppy or an aged dog who needs special attention, around USD 100 can hikes charges. That is about instantly boarding charges. For dog daycare, prices will be reduced at USD 70-100 for about 10 hours. Depending on the dog’s size, age, and temperament, you can charge higher than the fees.

To give you a good idea of your bringing in, should you get about 100 overnight boarding reservations and 50-60 daycare bookings, you can reserve 20-25 percent from the total earnings. A word of warning here – it can take you to construct a sizeable customer base.

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