How Kendall Jenner Achieved Hair Perfection During the Super Bowl.

How Kendall Jenner Achieved Hair Perfection During the Super Bowl.

“Designed Hair is such a big way of expressing yourself, especially on the stage in a show,” says the man behind Kendall Jenner epic super bowl waves, makeup artist Mary Phillips. “What it does as you perform can really help to tell a story.” The fashion story, the one that was broadcast to millions tonight from New York as the showgirl took the stage at the 2020 halftime show, was the result of a week of hard work and practice as the pair narrowed down the winning style.

“We had good fun trying different looks and hair designs,” says the hair designer, who’s been in New York all week getting ready with Kendall. While Appleton normally prepares the superstar’s hair for a two-hour performance—taking sweat, hairdryer and daring head flip into consideration— for this event, there was an extra layer of complication: humidity. “New York is the worst place for designer hair,” Appleton jokes about the city’s consistent high humidity and heat index. “As effortless as it looks, it’s a lot of planning to make sure the hair moves right in those six crucial minutes.”

After testing out a few designs “Cross.Mp” styles the Kendall Jenner finalized on a set of volumized waist-grazing curls, which are set with Appleton’s two-prong method.

“It’s all about the curling of the hair,” Mary Phillips says. ” I curl the hair with a long small iron to get a really strong hair foundation. Then, I color it out and go back in with a larger wide curling iron.” The hairstylist strives for a “bounce,” Mary added. “As Kendall moves on stage, the hair should move, it has to be simultaneous.” To achieve a dynamic shape, she places clips at the root, then hits the whole head with cool air from a blow dryer to set it in place.

Kendall Jenner’s hair designs are new statements for the fashion world. To prevent New York humidity from getting the best of Jenner’s lengths, Appleton prepped with his trusty Color wow Dream Coat—a smart working serum that “puts a protective waterproof layer on top of the hair.” However, no method is completely foolproof: “It helps, but when Kendall performs, she performs like an athlete, every hair flip, every move, she is full out.”

Image credits: wmagazine

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