From Kerala to Kashmir in an auto, a peak adventure story.

From Kerala to Kashmir in an auto, a peak adventure story.
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Kerala and Kashmir are both at the extreme ends of India, approximately. Four youths had successfully covered the 6600 km return trip from Kerala on a three-wheeler recurring auto rickshaw.

It usually uses most of the states for short-term transportation; every part of the city and each corner of the village can find it quickly for a trip to India. Imagine four group members using it for a long-term journey of 3300 km on a single side. It does not mean just adventures; it is all about exploring happiness.

These adventurous lovers from Wayanad, Kerala, had planned a dashing trip to north India by bike. However, they evolved with a revolutionary idea of an auto trip to Kashmir and decided to move forward with the challenges.


First, they brought out a second-hand auto rickshaw and did the necessary tests and fittings for the long run. They added extra fuel storage space, shifted the seating design for more significant legroom, and covered most of the challenges that can arise during the journey.

Auto is a three-wheeler taxi for commuting people for short trips at an affordable cost. Mostly, it can be found standing near all railway and bus stations in India. Instead of steering, it uses a handle similar to a bike to control the drive. Bajaj auto rickshaw is a significant brand in this segment and is exported to its neighboring countries.

Sirajudeen, who works for a courier agency, had initiated the concept of the auto trip, and his other three friends, Siyad, Shafeek, and Ashkar, had found some spark in it and collectively decided to burn the fire.


After the fine-tuning, they also added a mobile charging port to the auto. At the rear, they have provided a space to store a portable gas cylinder to prepare food for themselves on the trip.

The auto rolled from Wayanad through Kurugu, another beautiful tourist spot in the neighboring state. They have carried a small tent to accommodate themselves at night. Imagine exploring 40 days at each village in India and spending the nights in a tent.

Through Karnataka, they have approached Kolhapur and Pune. The Marathi foody culture is absolutely a valid reason to halt their day there. Heavy rain forced them to stay inside the auto at night. 


The next prominent destination was Mumbai, the hub for metro and retro lovers. There are plenty of places to determine with an auto. However, three-wheeler driving has been restricted in the heart of the city. Realizing this, they moved towards the north region to touch vibrant Gujarat.

Gir national park and many augmented exciting things to consider, including a fantastic beach. Subsequent to having fun with the waves, the auto rickshaw had a massive breakdown, and it caused them to lose the magnetism of the entire day. However, the team moved to their destination with the damaged brake system.

A chilling trip via Lakhanpur to Jammu in an auto, in the frosty weather, is only for real thrill lovers who can experiment with it. That’s why Sirajudeen and his friends made headlines on many travel blogs. Twenty-five days in an auto and a sleepover in a tent to cover nine states.

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