Dubai to take care of their workers during the summer. 

Dubai to take care of their workers during the summer. 
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Skylines are the beauty of Dubai, and it took years to raise up; the transformation from a desert to a tourist destination. Millions of workers had made the nation’s leader’s vision of growth.
Expatriates workers are the backbone of UAE’s construction industry, and the rest of the industries are dependent on the construction business.

A decade ago, Dubai was the epicenter of the real estate industry, with many top builders worldwide having established their landmarks. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s prestigious building, was made during this period. It is one of the top selfie spots for tourists.

No one can deny the hard work of the laborers who have contributed to the country’s success. But, on the other hand, government officials regularly monetize them and have devised policies and guidelines for companies to improve their lives.


Some labor supply companies had exploited and took advantage of the construction workers to maximize their company’s profits. Since 2007, the Dubai government has taken an obligatory noon pause to guard workers’ health against the intense summertime heat.

June and July are sweltering months throughout the Middle East countries; as part of the labor well-fare, Dubai provides a noon break for exterior work. At 12.30 pm, a two-hour, thirty-minute break begins. The Ministry of Human Resources has issued a short-term notification regarding prohibiting workers during the break period.

Working in an open space during the summertime causes many health problems. In previous years, many workers have experienced sunburn, dehydration, and nose bleeding during the noon hour. Many developers and construction firms have in-house health care teams to deal with emergencies on the job site.


Work from home option

Freelancers workers prefer doing work from their homes. Clients can send work materials through email and online file-sharing platforms. Traveling using public transport during the heavy heat for the client meeting is not advisable at this point. Many Dubai-based IT companies have made it possible for their employees to work from home.

Media City is a hotspot for freelance designers and creative professionals, and many of them prefer to work at home instead of traveling outdoor. The dynamic city has many opportunities for all kinds of talents, and the growing atmosphere is ideal land for expatriates who do work or business here.


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