Wuhan virus: New York city death toll crossed 1000.

Wuhan virus: New York city death toll crossed 1000.

The number of Wuhan-virus cases in NY City topped 75,000. Including the Governor’s brother.

More than 500 health care technicians, 2,000 medical nurses and 250 ambulances are moving to NY city from across the nation to hold up a health care system that’s hiding under an avalanche of Wuhan virus patients, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio said to media on yesterday.

Governor Cuomo’s remarks came with the city’s death toll at 932 and more than 40,000 COVID-19 cases confirmed. Later, medical officers announced that 1,096 people had died due to Wuhan-virus. Reported on NY times.

The NY city mayor announced the arriving augmentation while on a press meet at the U.S.T.A. Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, which is being converted to an isolation hospital amid a surge in Wuhan-virus patients in the borough, particularly at Elmhurst Health Care Center.

“Very shortly this will be going to be 350 hospital beds to guard the lives of NY citizens,” Mr. Blasio said, noting that 136 extra ambulances and 270 health care professionals had already arrived.

As the number of virus-infected cases and hospitalizations cases has been rise quickly, Mr. de Blasio said the NY city’s needs for equipment and health care staff remained immense and immediate.

“This coming Sunday, April 5th, could be a limit,” he said, zeroing in again on what he has called a crucial date.

“This is the point that we should be ready for next week once we expect a huge increase in the number of virus-infected cases.”

He also told that he had requested the White House for 1,200 nurses, 355 respiratory therapists and 150 doctors from the military.

“I have reiterated that medical need and the request and I have to say in many ways it’s a requirement because this is regarding saving lives in time,” the mayor de Blasio said.

The mayor also said that New York City would be closing 10 sports center where people had not been adhering to social-distancing rules and regulations. He announced a small piece of welcome news for the city’s car owners: Alternate-side parking rules would be freezed for another two weeks.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said to media on Tuesday morning that 332 more people had died in new york since the day before, bringing the state’s virus-related death toll to 1,550.

As he announced the news, his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, 49, a CNN anchor, that he had tested positive for the Wuhan virus. The governor later said his brother had a fever, shortness of breath and chills.

Image credits: financialexpress.com

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