Southeast Asia to Experience Top Engineering Services from EPCM Group as Multi-Award-Winning Engineer Rahul Thottiyil Leads the Way.

Southeast Asia to Experience Top Engineering Services from EPCM Group as Multi-Award-Winning Engineer Rahul Thottiyil Leads the Way.

In southeast Asia, a large government project that involves the structuring and installation of a 1.5km conveyor system has been finalized by the Engineering Procurement Construction Management Group (EPCM). The famous entrepreneur, Rahul Thottiyil, is believed to spearhead the project. From now on, the company will not only be providing civil engineering services but also mechanical engineering and electrical engineering solutions to patrons globally.

Right from Australia to Europe, Rahul Thottiyil, a holder of multiple awards, has completed many projects, including powerplant, port, and mining centers. Currently, Rahul’s target is to emerge as one of the best and most competitive engineering service providers globally. Although Rahul Thottiyil is a professional mechanical engineer, he holds a master’s degree in business and international marketing. After a successful post-graduate study in the business field, he started assessing the gaps in the world engineering industry. From his assessment, he discovered a significant gap in the handling of bulk materials, as well as wear products and services.

According to Rahul Thottiyil, he loves working on significant business concepts, including sections that can foster the mining process. More so, he focuses on three areas. These areas include complete procurement construction management projects; complete conveyor system projects for mining, port and power plants; and service and maintenance contracts. Rahul also revealed that he aims to provide the most “cost-effective engineering services” throughout the world. More importantly, he plans to make all the services a sustainable solution.

Any idea about the roles of the mining and port industry in a nation?

If a country can focus on developing the port and mining industry, it’ll gain from the potential benefits of natural resources. It’s essential to get a series of support for the mining and port industries to progress. Among the necessary support would be quality equipment for the production process on the mining site.

According to the award-winning engineer, a combination of modern technology and quality equipment will increase the performance efficiency in the port and mining industries. Rahul added that having the right equipment will lead to the exploration of useful natural resources and reduced working time. These provisions will come handier during a period of market condition decline.

The celebrated mechanical engineer explained that employees are crucial towards achieving ambitious goals. And more importantly, we need to invest in the staff and the “procedures for career development” as they are vital to success.

While speaking about efficiency, Rahul Thottiyil pointed to the coal mining industry as an example. Currently, the industry is experiencing a surplus, which is a challenge for coal mining companies, according to the top-rated engineer. He advised the mining companies to maintain a low production cost as much as possible to manage the situation.

In Indonesia, GWSE delivered a variety of useful tools for the port and mining sectors to cover the needs discussed by Rahul. Also, the organization presented the latest technology to the two sectors. Some of the equipment includes conveyor belts, rubber skirting, wear liners, industrial glue, monitoring systems, rubber sheeting, and mine hose.

While interviewing potential staff, Rahul noted some crucial points that he often looks out for. According to Rahul, personal and authentic answers that supersede mere “career development” are vital areas to consider. He added that after realizing that a candidate is good enough, he would find a suitable project that the new staff can enjoy. Rahul explained that when people enjoy their work and love it, they will be more productive, perform longer, and help bring in other passionate workers.

Well, Rahul is not all about work; he loves car racing during his leisure time.

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