California expects 7 billion dollars to fight against Coronavirus.

California expects 7 billion dollars to fight against Coronavirus.

California Governor Gavin Newsom planning to allocate up to 7 billion dollars this year to fight the coronavirus and therefore the financial planning has unleashed.

Governor has already approved disbursement over 2 billion dollars for emergency needs such as accommodation for the homeless, financial aid to small business owners, and immediate cash to illegal migrants who don’t seem to be eligible for government stimulant benefits.

Today, California has more than 16,300 positive cases, including 390 deaths. The sate will loan 500 ventilators to the national stockpile. Over a few weeks, social distancing rules have grounded California’s 40 million residents to a cease.

The COVID 19 spread in California has not been as destructive as the medical team, and health care workers had feared, with the expansion in hospitalizations slowing as the state has been beneath a lockdown order for nearly a month that has closed colleges, schools, shops, and businesses. However, Governor Newsom warned earlier in the week that the continued presence of the coronavirus would likely still disrupt Californians’ life well into the summer and on the far side.

New unemployment data reflecting the COVID 19 restrictions won’t be available till next month. However, Gabriel Petek, Legislative Analyst, said the number of people who have recently registered for unemployment benefits is over 2.7 million as of this week, and it indicates between 13% to 15% of people in California have lost their jobs.

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