Black Lives Matter said the Police used batons and chemicals to disperse them.

Black Lives Matter said the Police used batons and chemicals to disperse them.
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After a black teenager had murdered by state police, in the protest activist Johnetta Elzie had manhandled and beaten by police in Ferguson years ago. She revealed to the media. Police were behaving themselves like criminals. They were pointed guns at black women and children pushed them hard; some had beaten and crushed.

Many times Black Lives Matter protesters had faced it. Most of the summer police unfold it, crush as with scores stick. Many times treated them as slaves, had used skin-burning chemicals to disperse the crowd.

Johnetta Elzie has revealed her bad experience with state police after watching the “poor performance” towards the Trump supporters. Initially, they resisted, but gradually they parted barricades and turned busy taking videos and selfies. She alleged.

What a joke -Johnetta said. “They didn’t even touch the white, It had treated like their own family issue, I think the tear-gas was no in the stock, or they may not found any black women or kids to hit in the crowd.”

Throughout the nation, Black Lives Matter workers voiced scandalized today at the things they said was a lukewarm reaction from the police officers to largely trump supporting white protesters. According to the BLM protestors, the aggressive police act only on black women. The system keeps them in a dark place for years. Rubber bluets and tear-gas have reserved for to stop the black’s voice.

It has precise shreds of evidence to prove the police act underscores the national justice system and the devalued action has only against the blacks.

Newley elected President Biden has also made a message against the police treatment at the Capitol. He said his granddaughter had sent a note about the poor police performance.

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