It’s time to look at work from home options.

Over ten million people lost their job after the pandemic has started. Fortunately, most of them have to survive with their talent and skills. Nowadays, work from home jobs is prevalent; most professionals have been shifting to home options for better prosperity.

The advantage of work from home is it’s very comfortable for everyone. They can choose their won time for work, grow as you do. Professionals can have charged the same as companies do. End of the day, it pays good money and quality life that you can spend with your loved one.

Alvin Antony, a graphic designer from India, lost his 750 USD paying job due to the pandemic, forced to shut his Mumbai office. After moving back to his home, he started trying his luck at various websites that offer a job to do from home. Within six months, Alveen began to make money from two websites around 1000 USD to 3500 USD monthly.

According to Alvin had spent more than 10 hours daily at the office with one day weekly off. Now he needs to spend only 4-5 hours daily. The world’s job perception is changing; most of his time at the office is now history. Say thanks to the technology that is helping us to meet the future. Pick your side of great jobs!


Fiverr is one of the best options for professionals looking for those setting up their home as an office and making a fair amount of money. If you can produce some quality work in your respective area, then the sky is the limit—more than thousands of options for you to choose from with it.

Graphic designer, web developer, SEO specialist, Artist, illustrator, voice recorder, video editing, data entry, link building, Social media sharing, article writing, book publishing, bookkeeping, leads generation, survey, etc. All of them have the opportunity to grow.


It’s another top online platform for the one who is looking for work to do from home. Clients post their requirements in the new project section. You need to have a registered account to participate in the job bid. Enough positive reviews can help you to get the project efficiently.

Freelancer is a most common platform for people who are looking for a job in the category such as accounting, survey job, form filling, captcha entering, backlink building, SEO, web design, graphic design, social media marketing, digital ads, mobile app development, etc…

People Per Hour

There are a few things to support to become a work from home professional. The most important thing is to believe in yourself, concentrate on what you are doing. Freelancing is a step to success.

People Per Hour is another website for freelancers who are interested in doing a job from home. Here, most of the company’s looking for sub workers to do part of their main job. Big projects always need a big team as well to complete the task.

Here also you can find a job such as data entry, document scanning, form filling, PDF creation, word formatting, book typing, local translation, social share, page follow, graphic designing, content writing, profile creation, PowerPoint designs, mobile app development, etc…

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