An Army team rescues a youth trapped in Kerala’s Palakkad Hill.

An Army team rescues a youth trapped in Kerala’s Palakkad Hill.
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An army team has successfully rescued a young man stuck on a mountain in Kerala, the southernmost state in India. R. Babu, 23, slipped and got trapped inside a small cave in Palakkad. He sustained severe injuries to his leg in the incident. Friends of the youth tried to get him out of the hole, but he could not. The friends contacted the authorities, and a Coast Guard helicopter was called to rescue him. Soon, the rescue team managed to reach the man.

Babu was standing at 600 meters on the hill. Remember, the height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters. After staying for more than 40 hours in a place where he could barely stand, the Indian Army rescued him in only 40 minutes. It was incredible.

On Wednesday, the Army teams were informed by the state government of the incident and immediately dispatched to the scene. The Army sent a helicopter with 22 personnel from the regimental center in Bengaluru to Sulur. The rescue teams reached the location at about 4 am and successfully rescued Babu. The Indian Navy was also notified, and the search and rescue team was informed.


The Kerala government sent two teams to the mountainside to help Babu. The first team was made up of Army officers, and the second was comprised of two junior commissioned officers and five Wellington ranks. A helicopter was also on standby at Sulur Airbase. After establishing communication, the three teams were able to reach Babu. The team rushed the boy to the hospital where he was being treated for the effects of heat and a lack of oxygen.

The youth was rescued after being trapped in the mountains for two days. The rescue teams said that they were incredibly lucky to have found him alive. The team took turns climbing up the mountain and hauling him to safety. The soldiers then provided food and water to Babu and helped him climb back down. The soldiers from Bengaluru and other parts of the state were sent to the site last night to assist.

The Indian Army team is assisting the Coast Guard helicopter after finding R. Babu. The team provided water to the boy and retrieved him from the cleft. The Army’s rescue team worked with local volunteers to find him and give him the necessary medical care. The coast guard helicopter also assisted the army. This is a huge victory for the armed forces of India.


The rescue operation began last night. The army’s helicopters landed in the area and reached the youth, who had been trapped in the cleft of the mountain for more than two days. The army had already sent a helicopter to Bengaluru to rescue Babu and bring him to safety. Once the boy had been rescued, the army team lowered him down to the base camp where he stayed for the night.

The rescued youth was able to talk to the army team. The soldiers are still on the scene and are attempting to bring the youth to safety. The team has deployed two teams to the area to assist with the rescue. The incoming teams will be tasked with rescuing the youth. They are also on their way to helping the victims of the accident. In this way, the armed forces will be able to quickly respond to an emergency.

After the rescue effort, the Army team is now on their way to reach the youth in the cave. The Army’s efforts to save the 23-year-old, whose condition was in a critical state, were the only ones capable of reaching him. The rescued youth has been identified as Babu and is pictured with helmeted army personnel. Several soldiers were seen taking selfies with the young man and flashing a victory sign. After the operation, the young man kissed the soldier while chanting “Bharat Mata Kijai” with an emoji.


The young man was unable to get out of the cave, so the Army teams sent by helicopter to the mountain were able to reach the stranded survivor. The helicopter, a Coast Guard helicopter, and an Indian army team attempted to reach him on Tuesday. It was the first time an army team had been deployed in the state.

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