Abigail Ratchford leather suit is an authentic show-stopper.

Abigail Ratchford leather suit is an authentic show-stopper.
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Abigail Ratchford isn’t afraid of a risqué outfit option — that is one of many reasons all her followers love her. However, her most recent bold look is possibly her most daring yet! The social media-based model comes out with a new designer head on Sunday.  She experimented with eye-catchy low-cut leather wear. If we say frankly, you don’t take out your eyes.

Recently she had posted a fantastic picture on Instagram that she was in a doted pink bikini and got a massive response in the social media platforms. Her fans say Ratchford is good at selecting beachwear. Some of them have commented on her as a beauty queen.

The new-look transformed Ratchford’s hairstyle as well, the wind-wave style amber hair, new branded plunging outfit emphasized her curves and exceptionally tiny waist. Hippy cut-off just above her knees, the makeup mogul added a set of knee-high suede boots and accessorized with a matching pink miniature specialized clutch, and a beige facelift mask — she could even make that work!

Earlier this week, Ratchford stunned her followers when she unveiled her fantastic hair transformation. Uploading an original video of the young social media model showed off her new hair design, which had stacked on top of her head in a bun. Her newly colored hair was further emphasized by a filter that turned her naturally brown eyes into blue, and the online star has entirely made up with smoky eyes and natural-hued lipstick. Abigail Ratchford admired her appearance and threw a question for her fan club- you guys love the new look?

Her hair designer Oliver Lucas explained the dyeing process to News Plus, showing turning Abigail Ratchford to a redhead took three hours special care. We are not left about an inch of the base root and highlighted the remaining part of the hair. Then we tried an ambering effect with all the red shades.

Her boyfriend has just loved the red transformation; as a hair designer, it’s outstanding work; Oliver said. After the creative output brought out, Ratchford shared it on Instagram, and millions of her followers like the new hairstyle. Now her fans are asking bout her next design experiment!

Having a precise aim is crucial in life, and for Abigail Ratchford, to get that specific need more hard work in life: “I wanted to be global,” she posted on a social media platform recently. She is more explicit about her future and wants to become a brand icon on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. Ratchford is gaining enough attention with her followers; she tries various designer outfits to get shine. No dought! her new shinney ambering hair design is part of it.

Image credits: Entrepreneur

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