230 pilgrims at Nizamuddin Mosque, in Delhi develop symptoms.

230 pilgrims at Nizamuddin Mosque, in Delhi develop symptoms.

Around 153 pilgrims were evacuated by government authorities from the Nizamuddin Mosque area in the capital of India to various isolation centers after they indicate symptoms of coronavirus infection, a police officer said to News Plus USA.

On Sunday 35 pilgrims from Nizamuddin Mosque had been shifted to isolation centers. Delhi Police have locked-off the area around the Markaz Mosque, located around one hundred meters from the Nizamuddin City.

Drones have started searching within the area to make sure uncompromising execution of lockdown implementation, the police officer informed.

Around 7,993 pilgrims from across the globe, including international travelers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand take part in the gathering at Markaz  Mosque, the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat in the Nizamuddin district of Southern Delhi on 22nd of this month.

Whereas several religious participants returned home, others had stayed back at the Mosque. The pilgrims evacuated were staying within the Mosque.

Speaking to the media person in the Union Health Ministry, said, “In all such cases a set protocol is placed, however, our team goes in to collect blood samples, trace contacts and recommend quarantine or isolation and basic safety precautions. ”

Cases of Wuhan-virus have surfaced in many States the nation, in persons linked to the Nizamuddin mosque gathering. Last weekend, seven individuals, who had attended the mosque meet, conformed positive from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Some of them had returned to Port Blair on Tuesday, said a senior police officer. A 65-year-old man, who died of Wuhan-virus at a hospital in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, he had also attended the Nizamuddin mosque gathering and returned to Srinagar by train.

Another victim, a 52-year-old man have positive after his return to Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, another state of India. Entry to the Markaz mosque has been prohibited till further orders from the government administrative department.

A health care department camp has been functional in the area for the last week, collecting blood samples from people. A team from WHO also visited the Markaz mosque after the massive spread.

“We are coordinating with government authorities from other states to trace down those that returned to their cities after attending the mosque gathering,” said a police officer.

“According to the medical team advice, some people are shifted to quarantine and health centers. we are cooperating with police and health department and pilgrims have been shifted from Markaz mosque,” said Dr. Mohammed Shoiab, spokesperson of the Nizamuddin mosque.

Based on the report from the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tableegh Jamat has organized a gathering at the Markaz mosque and it was attended by many pilgrims including people from foreign nations.

The participants of the Jamat meeting were already in the mosque when the March 24, the lockdown all over India was declared and no new pilgrims were allowed to enter as the Markaz mosque gate was closed straight off when the lockdown orders.

Image credits: Anil Sharma, The Indian Express

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