Bahrain had updated zip code.

Bahrain had updated zip code.

Most of the Middle East nations are not using zip code for postal services. Dubai and Qatar are using post box numbers instead of zip codes. Zip code is essential for international postal delivery. Most of the online shopping portal has a compulsory section to add the postal code for the delivery purpose. Zip code is a term to identify location quickly to deliver postal services.

Al Riffah 0947, Durrat Al Bahrain 0999, East Riffa 0905, Jazaer Beach 1061, Mazraa 953, Wadi Ali 1068, Budaiya 0550, and King Fahad Causway 1095 are the new updated zip code.

Manama-Bahrain’s capital has zip codes based on multiple locations, but it usually uses 5831 as a standard postcode for the entire city. The core use of this postal code is for the Crowne Plaza area.

The postal department had introduced a mobile app, “Makani,” to find the Bahrain zip code quickly. After the internet era, e-mails took over the physical letter’s role, and the postal service had faced the wrong time to survive.

Crystal Wings, a logistics and document clearance specialist, who has been working in Bahrain for the last 13 years, says it was a tough time for people who work in the international transportation sector to get documents to a country through the post office without having a zip code. After Bahrain postal code implementation, it’s elementary to get global parcels.

Nowadays, shopping trends have changed online, and most of them are operating outside Bahrain. It’s essential to have a zip code to get the delivery. Wings added.

Nowadays, the post office had found a new business strategy and started dealing with parcel services and speed post. The change had made them update and improved with a bunch of new services.

The country has an extreme route in art and culture, and it can feel in their postal stamps. Most of the stamp designs are very creative, and it highlights the emerged skills in the nation.

Barid Mumtaz- it is the latest service introduced by Bahrain postal service to offer express delivery. This service available in all zip code areas of the nation. Gift items also can deliver through Barid Mumtaz on special occasions and events.

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