Yahoomail is come out with new business features.

Yahoomail is an electronic email product from Yahoo, its also have a brand name Yahoo Mail. Yahoomail gives four user interface for mail designs. Three yahoomail designs are for individual usage (Basic, Plus, and Ad Free) and another Yahoomail is for businesses purpose. By December 2011, Yahoomail reached 281 million email users, making it the third biggest online email benefit in the world. 

Upwards of three yahoomail web email interfaces were accessible at any given time. The conventional "Hurray! Mail Classic" safeguarded the accessibility of their unique 1997 interface until July 2013 in North America. A 2005 form incorporated another Ajax yahoomail interface, intuitive, enhanced hunt, console alternate ways, address auto-fulfillment, and tabs. Notwithstanding, different highlights were expelled. In October 2010, Yahoo! released a beta rendition of Yahoo Mail, which included changes to execution, inquiry, and Facebook integration. In May 2011, yahoomail turned into the default interface. Their current Webmail interface was presented in 2012. 

On December 2016, Yahoomail declared that more than 1 billion client accounts were hacked in a rupture that had happened in 2013. Earlier that year in September, Yahoo! declared that an extra 500 million client accounts had been ruptured in 2014. The yahoomail was said to have found in regards to the break that influenced a huge number of records a long time before their underlying announcement.

Yahoomail gives the every user 1TB storage capacity, it is enough to save all your data like photo and videos on your yahoo mail. In yahoomail you upload an attachment of 25 MB and can send to any other email service. 12 months you stay way from yahoomail, after 1 year of unuse, you email id will be deleted. Yahoomail is very particular about the spam emails, it have 100 filtering method to scan email before send to the user yahoomail inbox. Yahoo mail have filtering system to save from virus and malware. Yahoo have comeout new features is yahoo news, it cover worldwide news from all corner.