Woman shot dead in public place by Florida police.

Surveillance videos seized the dreadful instant a Florida sheriff's deputy faced his ex-girlfriend and taken with a service pistol before committing suicide.

Solano faces many operations, according to friends who talked to the Sun Sentinel, along with her daughter produced a GoFundMe webpage, composing, "She had been shot four times and has lived!  She's a wonder of God!"

If they cling, Solano is observed backing off and holding her hands to her face in evident dread while DeMarco increases the rifle and points it at her.

Police came to discover DeMarco dead upon the floor, while Solano put four feet off "yelling in fear and pain," the records show.

DeMarco also filed a civil suit against her seekingmoney for furniture since he didn't need "to have the following guy sleep on the mattress he bought on them" Solano informed authorities.

DeMarco shot Solano a few times until he fired the rifle from his torso and head. From the shocking video footage published by Boynton Beach authorities on Friday, DeMarco could be observed climbing from the car prior to both walk side by side from the framework.

DeMarco plagued her with mobile telephone calls and emails later Solano awakened with him to be possessive, based on police reports.

Three months when they awakened, Deputy Michael DeMarco appeared into his patrol car out a Boynton Beach condo complex on Oct. 12 to face Yuly Solano, according to police records mentioned from the Palm Beach Post.