Why Kohli and Anushka did their marriage in Italy? Find the secret behind it. 

Kohli and Anushka both are Indian celebrities are married in Italy, why this couple can’t find a better place in India? Kohil had an idea about his marriage to be happened in the boat house at Kerala, India. But Anushka was made her mind about Italy. So, let’s look that why she made a decision about Italy? The heart of the demitarian sea, is a lovely place to keep the marriage memory’s forever! Switzerland and France are very close to it and they can spend their honeymoon on both place too.

The photoshoot in Hera temple. The couple decided their wedding album shot will be the base of historical Hera temple in Paestum, Italy. 40,000 years old human made historical hera temple will be a creative choice for a wedding shoot location.

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