The women's football team qualified for the European championships

The women's football team qualified for the European championships for the first time this season, together with the SNP MSP Mairi Gougeon stating that it was "no coincidence" how many females taking the match was growing.

The amount of Scots girls playing soccer has soared by nearly 50 per cent in the previous four decades, at the same time as the international facet has gone from "strength to strength".

"It's great to see more and more girls in Scotland becoming involved in sport, and we can only hope this to grow further with the extra support for Sportscotland from the financial institution and the positive and uplifting influence of our national sports teams on the world stage," she said.                                                      

She spoke out following figures from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre revealed there had been a 40 per cent growth in women joining basketball, football, baseball, aquatics, rugby and tennis clubs.  Including an 82 per cent increase in women in basketball clubs, a 65 percent increase in women in baseball clubs and 35 percent more women in rugby union clubs.

Ms Gougeon said increased funding for the national sports body Sportscotland from the 2018-19 budget could lead to even more girls taking up such pursuits.