The new business opportunity at Trivandrum in used cars sector is fast growing.

The capital of Kerala is now heaven for used cars sale, it’s a good time for the one who doing business of used cars in Trivandrum. Increasing demand of used car sector is very high in Trivandrum city, that is big opportunity for the business people who deal with used cars in Trivandrum. The city has multiple business option to deal with the customers, most of them are have a showroom at heart of the Trivandrum city, and new online shopping trend in used cars sector is growing fast in the Trivandrum city. Rental cars companies are one of the top customers for used cars sellers but rental car companies are good negotiators for the price, so profit margin is very less for used cars sellers in the Trivandrum city. Leasing offices are also entered to the used cars sector as a premium buyer, they want top branded luxury cars for good price.

News plus talked to Anitha Nair from Trivandrum, A used car buyer. According to Nair, its good thing like me who looking for a car for cheap price. As Anitha Nair, just took the licence and need a car for a regular use to go office can’t buy a brand-new car for high price also it’s a big risk driving a new car without any accident. If the old car had any accidents until the new driver get enough practice in the road, its can easily maintain in a work shop. 

Every used car buyer in Trivandrum has a reason to buy it, a buyer from Trivandrum town, says I used to travel buy an auto every day and spend Rs.250 every day just to travel my office, after I brought a used car for just Rs.60000 my daily expanse for petrol is just Rs.40 only. This made him to save some money end of the month also a comfort travel for himself and with his friends and family. 

Certified used cars seller giving 1year service warranty is also increased the trust on the used cars sector in Trivandrum. Before selling the used cars, the certified sellers do a detailed computer check on the car and do the necessary maintenance and service on the car. It makes a hassle-free driving experience for the used cars buyers and no more complaints from them.  

The annual sale of used cars in the Trivandrum city is just to touch 1000 core is just few more sales are enough! Yes, it is really growing business in the city. The used cars dealers are moving to the nearest cities to get used cars for cheap and they can bring it to the Trivandrum city and do business over here. In 2018 the city expected 23% growth in the used casr sales itself. The fast-growing trend in used cars sales is give new face to the auto industry in the Trivandrum city. 

Shanker das, an economist from the state says its positive news for the Kerala business sector and economy, after the 1000 and 500 not ban, and GST implementation the Kerala economy growth rate was going down, and the market was very much worry about the bad situation, the fast growth in used cars sector in the Kerala state capital of Trivandrum, is gives a boost in the industry and can see people are entering in to the used car business sector in another city like Cochin and Kozikode. The reason to grow the used cars market is it getting for cheap price. The people who used to travel by an auto to their work place is started thinking to invest some money on a used car to make their traveling is more comfort and can save some money from auto fare.

Maya Mohan, an IT specialist who works in Techno park, Trivandrum says, I have to pay Rs.1700 for my bike EMI, if I pay Rs.2000 for my EMI I can get a used car and that can use for my family to go out. That’s reason for bike riders to change a used cars customer.    

The growing market in used cars segment is going to utilize by multinationals also, they smell the growing market in Trivandrum and started office here. The last opening was Mahindra used cars show room at Trivandrum. We did a little research on news plus Malayalam online portal in its classifieds section usage data, it’s also showing 70% of visitor check the page is auto section and most of them is looking for used cars.

In used cars sector most, selling cars are low price category with basic options. Most of them want the price range of Rs.50000 to Rs.75000. Automatic transition cars also have good demand in the used cars sector. The used cars sector is growing to larger than the new car sector, the four-wheel drive vehicle and international brand customers still prefer to buy new cars from the showrooms. For multinational brand cars like BMW, Benz and Audi gives 5 years’ service warranty for new cars, that attracts new buyers to still go to new car showrooms. For this top multinational brand car’s don’t have a space in the used cars market, The customers to keep away from to buy multinational brands from used cars sellers is the high service charge form the local workshop also to maintain those cars are expansive.     

Most of the customers best attraction to used cars is that they can avoid paying GST. Used cars can’t keep a fit rate on a particular brand, the rate can show less and the registration can get it done based on it, a negative thing in the growing sector is the government will lose a good amount from tax collection. Used cars market growth is affected the company’s people who do business of rent car. A good percentage of rent a car user are tern in to user cars owner, the people who used cars for short term or vacation time now started looking in to buy used car. The cheap price attract them to take decision such as.