Sreejev's murder under police custody: Kerala High Court seeks CBI's point on taking up the case.

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday studied the Perspectives of the CBI in taking over the probe into the alleged custodial torture and death of Sreejev in Parassala police custody. Based on Sreejev's mother, her son, who had been aged 27 decades, was in love with a girl whose father was a close relative of assistant sub inspector Philipose. In the instance of the girl's father, through Philipose, Sreejev was taken into custody by Parassala circle inspector Gopakumar in 10.35pm May 19, 2014, the evening before the woman's marriage with a different guy in order to prevent him from reaching the venue. He was taken to Medical College Hospital at Thiruvananthapuram at around 12.50 am and that he died on 21st. Police's version was that he died after swallowing a pesticide named Furadan which was kept concealed in his underwear.  They also cite a suicide note supposedly left by Sreejev. A false case was filed against Sreejev he was in possession of a mobile phone which was stolen a year ago, the request revealed.

It's also impossible to conceal that much volume from the narrow cavity of this brief and that too after undergoing a meticulous investigation by the CI, the jurisdiction had said in the report.  Based on medical reports, the authority had cited the chance of Sreejev not needing consumed Furadan when he was admitted to the hospital. Furadan was absent at the first stomach scrub of Sreejev at the medical college, the authority's report had stated while noting that the antidote that has been administered on the grounds of their policemen's statements might have been deadly.

A request filed by Sreejev's mother Ramani Prameela through advocate Kaleeswaram Raj has been considered by the court. In the petition, Sreejev's mum pointed out that CBI is unwilling to take up the case despite a recommendation by the state authorities mentioning heavy workload.  Police officers under the state authorities won't conduct a reasonable probe in the case since the accused men are primarily police officers, Sreejeev’s mother has claimed.

Report of the Police Complaints Authority had clearly said that the police version that Sreejev expired of Furadan consumption is incredible, the petition said. The authority had called the remand application filed by the group inspector which Sreejev was searched after removing his shirt and pants in the time of locking him up at the lockup and nothing suspicious was noted. At least 63 g of Furadan is required to kill a man of 70 kilogrammes body fat and it had been impossible to consume so much as Furadan is 97 percent temperate particles covered with carbofuran, the authority had said by referring to a physician's opinion.

Whilst authorities claim that Sreejev died because of ingestion of toxin, there were contusions on his entire body, the mother stated via the petition. But a fictitious inquest report was ready that said no external injuries have been noted, it is alleged.

By consenting to a CBI probe, the state government has expressed its willingness to have a fair and independent investigation by an external agency but this hasn't taken place on account of the adamant stand of CBI, the mother's petition stated. 

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