Today world news and top stories are a career path for new generation 

Today, when this world reduces into a global village, it has become very easy to get information about anything from anywhere and at any time. And in this modern age, all seem hungry for the latest information. The source that helps, in this case, is called news.

So we need to know what is news ?. In fact a new abbreviation of the north, east, west, and south, which is means to be aware of every direction in short to be informed about every corner of the world, One Must have knowledge of all aspects of worlds. The news is one and only source to keep us in touch with everyone.

Let’s thanks the technology; there are various ways can that will access world breaking and top new around the world today and instantly as they happened. These mediums are through satellite television. TV station both national and international

To learn more about your region, town or country is not enough; you should have all the information in the world. New leads this task successfully.

There are many sources and types of news. Some of the most popular sources are newspapers, Internet, TV, radio, and phones. The types most used and most challenging news is doctors, marketing, business, crime, economic,  international, military, political, and financial climate.

New helps to improve our general knowledge, increase our level I.Q and mental abilities.

News allows us to participate in the general education contests.

This gives us information about the health care to prevent disease.

Through we can know the rise and prices fall.

The news is very useful for business people; they can make decisions beneficial for the latest updates.

Important events that allow us to know criminals activities and take affective measures to save us from being a victim.

News keeps us in touch with the political affairs not only in our country but also around the world. In this way, we can be able to know what a politician is in the best interest of the country.

The news makes us know about future weather conditions and disease so that we can use effective measures to save us from extreme temperatures and disease.

There is so much news today helps us to solve many problems.