Nike stand by Maria Sharapova in spite of Russian tennis star's two-year doping boycott. 


Sharapova was given a suspension by an International Tennis Federation tribunal subsequent to testing positive for banned substance meldonium. 

Sportswear monster Nike has dubiously settled on the choice to restore its sponsorship manage Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova. 

That is in spite of an International Tennis Federation (ITF) tribunal giving her a two-year restriction from the game for fizzling a medications test. 

The five-time Grand Slam champion hasn't contended subsequent to the Australian Open in January, and the boycott has been predated to consider that, which means she will have the capacity to come back to the WTA circuit in January 2018. 

An ITF articulation closed Sharapova didn't purposefully abuse doping controls by taking meldonium - the illicit medication she tried positive for - and Nike utilized that as their avocation to continue their sponsorship manage Sharapova, which they suspended in March when news of her fizzled drugs test rose. 

A Nike explanation said: "The ITF tribunal has found that Maria did not deliberately break its tenets. Maria has constantly made her position clear, has apologized for her slip-up and is presently engaging the length of the boycott. 

"Taking into account the choice of the ITF and their real discoveries, we would like to see Maria back on court and will keep on partnering with her." 

Sports hardware maker Head, who give Sharapova's rackets, have additionally promised to remain by the 29-year-old. 

Sharapova affirmed to her 15 and a half million Facebook devotees on Wednesday that she will challenge her boycott. 

She composed on the long range informal communication site: "Today with their choice of a two year suspension, the ITF tribunal consistently reasoned that what I did was not purposeful. The tribunal found that I didn't look for treatment from my specialist with the end goal of acquiring an execution upgrading substance. 

"The ITF invested gigantic measures of energy and assets attempting to demonstrate I purposefully damaged the counter doping rules and the tribunal finished up I didn't. You have to realize that the ITF approached the tribunal to suspend me for a long time – the required suspension for a purposeful infringement - and the tribunal dismisses the ITF's position. 

"While the tribunal finished up accurately that I didn't purposefully abuse the counter doping rules, I can't acknowledge an unreasonably unforgiving two-year suspension. The tribunal, whose individuals were chosen by the ITF, concurred that I didn't do anything purposefully wrong, yet they try to keep me from playing tennis for a long time. 

"I will promptly bid the suspension segment of this decision to CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport." 

In spite of Sharapova's protestations that she didn't take meldonium to improve her execution, it alarmingly developed amid the tribunal that Sharapova disguised her utilization of meldonium from "the counter doping powers, individuals from her own particular bolster group and the specialists whom she counseled", and that exclusive her dad, her supervisor and Russia's Olympic specialist knew she was utilizing the medication from 2010 onwards. 

Despite the fact that she didn't deliberately take a banned substance, the ITF articulation said: "the way in which the drug was taken, its disguise from the counter doping powers, her inability to unveil it even to her own group, and the absence of any restorative legitimization should definitely prompt the conclusion that she took Mildronate [meldonium] with the end goal of upgrading her execution".