Places to visit in Cochin while you travel in Kerala.

All world travellers know about the gods own country, but most of the tourist doesn’t know the top places at cochin, the hotels or a tour operator give a plan according to their convenience. If you are a true explorer or love to visit the really good places in cochin then this article will help you to reach your travel goal.

Chottanikkara Temple is one of the top place to visit in cochin, its ideal for people who really need a peaceful place for some time in the life. Is the temple of Mother goddess Shakthi devi, worshipers believe all their prayers will come true. The temple is located in chotanikkara in north cochin. The visitors love to spend time all the day here. The temple and its associated places was fully forest before years and the local people believe that mother goddess saved them from all evils and still protect from them. The temple architecture is real experience for the true travellers. As a world traveller I strongly recommend to visit this places in cochin.    

Kerala Kathakali Centre is another place to explore in cochin, most of the world travellers love to watch Kathakali show and the art in it. Every travellers dream is to visit Kathakali places and centre to watch a live show and study more about the real creative art. Kathakali centre is known as school of traditional art in cochin. Kathakali is one of the major form of the classical dance and in every performance, it says a story. After you visit a kathakali centre, you will put in your most loved places that you visited in your world travel.

Next is Wonderla Amusement Park, as traveller you can’t never miss these lovely places in cochin. It’s a place with full of fun, you must be visited other waterpark in other places, but you must not see a water park like this, here is the real fun start in this travel trip. Land rides and water rides will make your travel sprit high. I am sure that, you will mark this place in your every year travel places.

Lulu Mall its shopping destination, but its work to visit while you are in cochin, you can really feel the world class experience while in shopping. Most of the top brands from worldwide as par your choice. Have good food court with international standard siting facility, all multinational fast foods and special Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. You can really reduce your baggage while you travel to cochin and travel comfortably with less league, you will get whatever you want here in Lulu.      

Kerala Folklore Museum, you can’t miss this place while you are in cochin. This shows the culture and heritage of cochin and it places. It displays more than 4000 anticraft works made by world class artists from all over India. The main attraction of this museum is face art gallery, it shows the real art on wood. It has another attraction is folklore theatre- its real master peace’s from some real talents. Souvenir shopee and sponsors gallery are to sell the creatives. 

Fort Cochin is an old heritage city, the paradise of travellers, you can’t resist to go there. The fishing net in the sun rise is lovely view in the morning, it will make your day shine. A morning walk in the lake side while watching this amazing view! wow its really un explainable, you need to experiment that to get real feelings.  Move head there are more lovely places to visit in cochin. What about a house boat? a small house with food and other five-star facility on the water in a lovely lake! It’s an amazing experience on the earth, definitely try once at least in a life time.  

Toddy shop near by the lake. If you love tasty foods, especially lake fish foods! Then it’s the place for you. Toddy juice is made from coconut tree and good to have with spicy foods. All lake side toddy shops in cochin will have variety foods tasty local foods. Just experiment it, you will love it.

Here are more places to visit in cochin, better can guide a local tour operator to reach all places. To finish watching all places in cochin will take couple of days! Get ready to explore all places in cochin and make a memorable traveling.