Most of the travelers love to travel on Kerala boat house.

As i travel to Kerala the first thing in my mind was to try the boat house. While going to the hotel from the Kochi airport, I had asked the car driver about bot house travelling in Kerala and the driver is very much helpful guy, he know everything about the house boat. He started explain me about luxury house boat, 1 bed room and 2-bedroom house boats. If you are a team or group of people you can select 3 or 4 bed rood boat houses. Before reach to my hotel, he explained the facility what we get in the Kerala house boat, I was quite impressed in the way he presented it and decided to do the first thing is will be travelling in the house boat. 

One I reach the hotel at Cochin I had asked the hotel manager to fix my house boat trip for tomorrow, after I had finish my bath, the manager called and conform me the timing for tomorrow house boat trip. Next day morning at 10 am after my breakfast the car driver take me to the area where house bot parked. It really amazing view! The boat journey started at 10.30 and it moved in to the centre of the lake there are other open boats also in the lake, most of them having group of people and they really enjoying the house boat trip with music and dance. I took a window side seat of the boat, so I could capture the maximum photos of the beautiful nature. After 1 hr the boat stopped near a toddy shop, this place is for them the one who love the spice food. I had a bottle of sweet toddy (its kind of juice from coconut tree )  its something new for me to experiment along with it they server chicken curry. Yummy! Just love it.  There are lovely dishes too. Prone, crab, duck, shell, all are excellent spice food. Just love the place.

From there we continued the travelling towards the other end of the lake, I was take maximum pictures of the lake and other house boats. Most of the pictures I has send to my family and friends through WhatsApp. Most of the love the place Kerala and the house boat trip. Now the local time 1 pm. The house boat manager asked every one to join the launch. The dish is with brown rice, chicken, fish curry and fry. The fried fish is called karemeen, just love it.  

The house boat was keep moving some group started to play music’s, it was Indian movie songs, but it was good, I was busy with taking pictures. At 6pm they open the small bar in the house boat, all good brands are available. Its kind of a party in the boat, now the outside getting darker, not getting good photos. I just joined the party had some drinks. Most of the group members started singing song and dancing. Its really fun dancing in the water! At 8 pm I had dinner and went to my bed.

Next day morning the boat started the trip, the boat was moving towards the finishing point. A day and night trip were amazing. I really enjoyed it. I want to do it next year with my friends.