Mantra Nanda entering to Hollywood with Big pictures 

Mantra Nanda a American India actress who showed her talent in american short film word and made a big name in video entertainment world. Mantra Nanda was the highest paid model in USA. Mantra Nanda done a media advertising campaign for that was the highest paid in 2016 in American modeling industry. Mantra received award fro the new face categories in 2015. 

Mantra Nanda was born in Australia, Her dad was from USA and her mother Nanda Nair was an Indian origin was living in Australia. Her parents was interested to make her become a doctor but her age of 5 her parents have divorced after that Mantra was living with her mother in Australia. While Mantra Nanda was at school she did the first modeling for a local jewelry brand, after that shoot Mantra Nanda showed more interest on modeling.

For graduation Mantra Nanda went to USA, She was an idea that while study their Mantra Nanda can get good modeling jobs from their. In the her first year study Mantra Nanda got a change to become a model of a bikini product. The print ads was hit in the market and the advertising agency selected Mantra Nanda for their TV commercial, in very short time the bikini product got hit in Miami and Mantra Nanda become a made name as Miami bikini girl.

Bikini ads really made a change in her life, in bikini Mantra Nanda look very hot, Romey a film maker from Miami approached Mantra Nanda for his new video films. Mantra cant reject the offer that he put in front of her ! It was a big brake for Mantra Nanda in her financial security, Mantra Nanda acted a hot video as Bikini seller. The video is name as Bikini Seller made a hit in the US video market and she had lots of youngsters as her fan ! After the big success of Bikini seller the Romey production house made the 2nd video film with Mantra Nanda called Bikini Girl, the 2nd one was totally out of the box for the 

video industry, in that the big breakthrough that Mantra Nanda was appeared in front of camera as topless.

After the Bikini Girl Mantra Nanda stop going to collage, she was bussy with her new project and shoot, and Mantra was making good money too. 

In 2014 Jan a new production house lovely films approached Mantra Nanda to act on a online entertainment group for their new film as fully nude. Mantra didn't accept that based on the pay what they offer. In Feb Nina productions signed a contract with Mantra Nanda for a porn movie for 3 Million USD. For that money Mantra Nanda was ready to do anything. The first time Mantra Nanda did sex and that was in front of camera for money. Her first porn video sold 1 million copy's in the first 5 months after the video released.

The super hit of her first porn video made Mantra Nanda a big name in the porn industry. After the big success every day she was getting new offers for porn video shoot, but Mantra was always looking for big budget, a new film maker approached her for a big project and while the discussion about the new project the film maker tried a rape attempt on Mantra Nanda and her hand had braked in that incident.

It took 5 months Mantra Nanda to come back to the movie industry, and started working a new project mohi girl directed by Steev, its a story of a bar girl Mantra Nanda performed 

well in that movie, it was not just a porn, it was like story movie, Mantra acted well in this movie and she proved that she is a talented actress too.