Manhattan District Attorney raids Newsweek media group headquarters.

About two dozen investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office converged around the downtown newsroom of Newsweek media group on Thursday, shooting photos of servers and computers, media group sources said. Besides this newsroom, the fifth floor of Hanover Square Newsweek Media Group, the book's parent company, formerly known as IBT Media also they covered. The searchers, who arrived shortly before 8%, focused on the computers' serial numbers and walked six hours after carrying a number of the servers of NNewsweek media group, sources said.

The probe is believed to be linked to Olivet University, the San Francisco faculty tied to this controversial South Korean evangelical pastor David Jang, a relavent source said from Newsweek media group. Jang has intimate ties to the creators of IBT Media. An attorney for the firm, in a brief discussion to shaken and mystified staffers about halfway through the raid, said that the police action was a part of a 17-month investigation about the connection with Newsweek media group.

"People are extremely upset, because apparently there was a 17-month investigation and nobody told us something," said one person near the corporation.

Late Thursday, Newsweek Media Group confessed that representatives in the DA's office was searching their servers for the greater portion of their afternoon.

"The company supplied the DA's representatives using the computer servers in location to permit for a specialized inspection within the law.

"No information about the provider's articles, reports, personnel, or sources was granted and Newsweek Media Group was assured by the DA's office which the analysis is not any content-related issues," the statement said.

The business said it is cooperating with the probe.

Meanwhile, Etienne Uzac, a co-owner of Newsweek Media Group, was hit with a $1.2 million federal tax lien by the IRS on Dec. 12, as shown by a record obtained by the Post.

Uzac established the business in 2005 with Jonathan Davis, and collectively they bought the money-losing Newsweek at 2013.  Uzac is married to Marion Kim, who is connected to Olivet and has served as a translator for Jang.

The IRS declined to comment if the raid Thursday had some link to the outstanding federal tax lien, which comprised $448,313 in June 2016, $455,167 out of September 2016 and $343,778 by Dec. 31, 2016.

Jang had utilized Chinese and Korean citizens with student visas that attended Olivet University to covertly work on IBT matters in its first days, according to reports.  The business denied the claim at the time.

Early reports -- based on eyewitness sources -- which NYC cops were involved in the raid weren't true, NYPD sources told The Post.

The authorities in the raid were attached only to the New York County District Attorney's office.

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