How your baby can get in to modelling?

Most important thing is to make a good portfolio of your baby before panning to take the baby in front of camera. If you’re the baby’ is looks good in the portfolio shoot, then you can approach to any casting agency or kids modelling agency for the next step. While you make the baby portfolio, try to get closeup and full-size pictures. Also in siting and standing positions. Try to take photos with different kind of dress, like traditional, modern, functional wear and just normal house wear too. One thing remember that don’t try to put much jewellery on baby while doing the modelling photoshoot.

The baby’s modelling portfolio must be in simple plain background. Not to put background like outdoors or colourful. Try to take different kind of expressions. Also you can make the baby’s movements in video, it will help the modelling agency to understand the kid better.

Once the baby’s portfolio is ready you can start sending it to casting agency by email or WhatsApp. The portfolio and personal details can upload on some casting portal like, parents can try that too.  

What makes one baby a model while another is rejected? Baby models should be photogenic, happy and smiley, with clear skin and bright eyes. It is also about the baby's temperament - any children and baby models should be good natured and sociable in order to put up with meeting lots of strangers. Whether you've a beauty that's a piece of a shrinking violet, you may have to wait until they're better at socializing, you might even consider a stage school, which does help with interaction with both adults along with other children. All baby models should be co-operative, and easy going, temper tantrums or bad manners or sulkiness won't be tolerated. So as the parents you'll have to be realistic about your kid's nature. All modelling fees are paid in the name of the child and chaperone fees and travel are paid to the parent chaperone. Most agencies estimate that even the most good-looking baby will likely only earn around 2000-4000 a year from modelling which although not a big sum is great to invest for the baby's future or plans for their education. Since there's no promise of work, because of that the agency doesn't decide on who gets assignments, many kids do less and as work is sporadic this isn't a regular income. There's also the opportunity on the packaging for toys or kid medication, even posters for kid's charities.