How to become a model? It’s a big question for new face in the fashion industry!

Now days lots of people are taking modelling as a serious carrier in their life, most of them don’t know how to become a model or how you can get in to the modelling industry or how to open the right door of modelling industry. Yes, it’s not that easy to open the right door of modelling industry, Its really competitive. Most of the top models in the industry was struggled lot with rejection, it’s the first stage to become a model. Face the rejection again and again. Once you survive from the rejection next is competition, this is also little tough stage to cover to become a successful model, really it need lots of hard work and getting good contacts can cover this issue. Once you face this stage getting in to modelling is not tough! If you seriously study everything about modelling industry and the way it works, it can very easy to become a professional model.        

The initial stage is to be the master in the industry, get a healthy body to become a top model in the industry.  Doing regular exercise will help you maintain the body in shape and it will help to standout in from the regular life style models. Most successful models keep an exercise calendar to keep fit their body every day. At any busy scheduled they at the place to work out. Working with a trained fitness instructor will help to become a fit model always.

Most of the model do a big mistake is to be keep slim they skip the meals and eat very less. It will not help you to reach your goal, always get a dietician’s advice to make a healthy menu. Have good quality food and avoid carbohydrate drinks. To maintain the good shaped body avoid taking beer and heavy liquor drinks too. Some fashion models just eat very little for some advertisements, don’t follow that, consider the opinion of the dietician when try something new. Drink lots of water to be fit!

The next important thing is to become a competitive model in the fashion industry is maintain the appearance. Your outlook is more important than anything else! Get a good wardrobe fist in the place to look like a professional model. Always observe anything and everything about latest trends and fashions. Watch fashion shows regularly to update the new designs and creative trends.

Use quality products for skin care, never try cheap and nonequality products for to save money. Always keep the skin glowing and face to be standout with good face makeup. Wash your face three times a day to keep it fresh and avoid travelling in the dusty area, if it’s by car then close the window and make sure it safe the face to getting from dark shadow.  Before going sleep wash face with cold water and remove all makeups! One more thing in the makeup area to become look like a professional model remember to keep your nails to be polished well with new designs trends.

Next is about the hairstyle! Get it done your hair from the industry expert hair stylist, it will give a confidence to compete any international or domestic branded models. Most of the casting agency prefer glowing brownish black hair. Set an objective to be a model that fit your body shape! Yes, it’s true that everyone can’t be a model to take up all job that in the modelling industry. Hight, Hair, complexion, fitness, walking style, body curve and shape etc. are main factor are can decide your style of modelling.

If you have good height and capable to do catwalk then you can try to get in to a ramp model, its mainly use for fashion shows and product display like car launch. If you think your body is having excess fat, then don’t need to worry, you can be a plus size model. Plus size model always need for healthy products advertisement or food products. If you don’t have good height but your face is very pretty then you can try to be a print model. In print model most of the time use for cosmetics, jewellery, hair style, hair care products etc. If you are female model with plus size breast and curvy body then you can try for bikini model or swim wear model. As a bikini model you can be a brand ambassador of innerwear products and most of magazine like playboy they always need bikini models for their magazines. Bikini models have opportunity in the area of calendar shoot, most of the car and beer brands do their calendars designs with sexy looking bikini models.  Bikini models can also to be a pool model. For swimming pool and beach shoot always need bikini models. Nude modelling is also a part of industry now days. Nude modelling is used for body painting shoot or creative art photos and it depend on the creative concept from a creative director.

Once you are selected as their product model, you have to be in the part of all their promotional stage. It can be a product launch function, you as the product model, the model has to interact with the customers, have to build a good personality and customers to be impressed the model and they should truest in the product. Sometimes you have to be stand in a shopping mall and explain the features of the products to the customers. If you go to top bras some models reach you with a beer product and explain the quality about the product.   

Get done a good portfolio with a professional photographer, this is an important step to be a model in the in-fashion industry. When you making your modelling, portfolio soot it with a concept and can show different type concepts. It can be in traditional dress, bikini, modern dress etc. Also, can do it with natural look, creative, artificial, wild. Normally in modelling portfolio keep two kinds of phots. One is that closeup picture and the other one is longshot image in full view.  

Learn about the industry top people and try to reach them directly or through any connections. Always keep good rapo with modelling and casting agency. Keep in touch with the casting director, so they remember you and try to put in any small projects. Keep send your new pictures to the casting agency by email also you can make social media page and can update good photos on the social media platforms, its help you to get direct offers from the client side, sometime photographers can also suggest a model the clients. 

Don’t be shy to do any kind of shoot, it may be a bikini model shooting, important to know that it’s your profession and to be strong in front of camera. Get good expressions on face based the advertising concept. If it’s a catwalk, get the confidence and do the show.