Fast food (Burgers, Fries, Tacos and Nachos) habits of students and health risks.

Students are facing many problems and one of the big problems they are facing is unhealthy diets and it has been going on. Though healthy meals are available but those are too expensive .Having no others way , students resort to unhealthy fast foods and junk foods as those foods are cooperatively cheap, available around and clean up after.

The students are accustomed fast food habit from the grade school as they have no normal schedule for meals. There is no time earmarked for breakfast and lunch in the school and there is bar for the student to go out of school before 3. So students only can have their dinner at home.

Class schedule is depending on what subjects students have taken in the semester and they have a hectic class schedule in all semesters. Some students’ class start from 7 in the morning and end in the afternoon and some students’ class start in the afternoon and end 8 at night.

Due to hectic class schedule and timeslots are all over the place a college student usually cannot find the time available for having their meals. For many students they face problem taking their semester or quarter class. They want to take their class in convenient time and that conflict with the time when a student usually eats their meals which interfere with their diet. 

Students who are accustomed to eating around noon seem to face problem to done the task as they might have a class in that time period or they just done one class and is heading for another one. In this situation Student in order to satiate their hunger ends up buying a quick bite. They can go for eating at a vending machine or from a fast food vendor considering their short interval break. Due to simplicity and quickness, many students now resort to fast food and unhealthy junk foods.

For continuous junk and unhealthy foods habits of students, their bodies do not contain the necessary ingredients that are imperative for the proper functioning of their body.

Supplements may fill the gap but it is an unhealthy way to maintain one’s diet. The supplements are expensive and many students do not have the financial ability.

Many students fall victim and rely on fast food and junk food because they cannot cook for themselves. This isn’t all that surprising because for the first eighteen years of their lives most students have had someone else supply the meals for them. It was up to that person for what kind of food entered their bodies.

One of the ways out of this problem is probably learn to cook and appreciate a good and healthy meal. However, that requires time and money to learn such a technique.