Seeking that God fearing man

'm passionate about almost any kind of music , for me it's like a
kind of expression. it just release your soul. Open to changes, you
never know what life has for you, and what new lessons are you going
to learn, what kind of people are you going to meet and in which way
are they going to touch your heart. I am looking for a partner in
life. I want a best friend and a lover to share quiet moments, i am a
very enthusiastic, outgoing, independent person who enjoys similar
things, but who can also introduce me to new things . I am unique in
many ways . In short, I am a person who strives to place others needs
before my own and people/relationships are very important to me
someone that likes to do the same thinks i like doing . being close
together and having fun. being able to talk to know how to love and be
loved. never hide thing from each other. talking is the best way to
work thru any thing. to have nice dinners, quiet walks in the sunlight
or sunset to stand in the rain and have fun. good country cooking. but
best of all have fun

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