1964 Jaguar MK

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This is not you average restored Jaguar MK2. Desirable 3.8-liter example with 9:1 compression head for more power.

This car is in superb condition.

The factory already fitted out this Jaguar MK2 with an automatic transmission. You do not want to sit in traffic

and clutch all the time.

Factory Air condition and Alternator conversion is a must if you actually want to enjoy a Jaguar MK2.

The original Power steering had been replaced with a modern rack and pinion steering, the cooling system had been

improved using Aluminum Radiator, Fan cowl, and electric cooling fan on a manual switch.

Also a modern radio with USB and speakers where installed. And to make this all work the 35 amp generator had been

replaced with a 65 amp alternator together with improvements in wiring, fuses, and voltmeter.

A rotary A/C compressor makes for a working A/C. This car will not overheat.

Comes with tool kit, invoices, manual, winning trophies from car shows.

The car as it is today is worth of showing at any car shows with no faults at all. It shows a bit of patina which

suits the car very well, does not look over restored.

After careful inspection I belief this car had never had any rust, it appears to be never welded on.

Jaguar introduced its compact MkII saloon in late 1959, as a successor to their popular 3.4 saloon of 1957-1958.

The MkII's new wrap-around tail light and revised side window details gave it a more airy appearance, driving

lights were now incorporated into the frontal ensemble and a new wide center bar split the grille vertically.

The Jaguar MkII was offered with Jaguar DOHC engines of 2.4, 3.4 and ultimately 3.8-liter displacements. All MkII

saloons were well appointed in the grand European touring tradition—there were even fold-down trays for rear

passengers. A genuine high-performance sports sedan, the 3.8-liter MkII would go from 0-60 mph in just 8.5 seconds,

and top speed was 125mph. Little wonder the MkII soon became known as "The Businessman's Express."

Year : 1964Kilometers : 0

Price : Qr. 15900

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