Hospital Service Technician-AZ

The Hospital Service Technician is responsible for equipment management tasks in the hospital, including: delivering equipment, accessories and disposables to patient rooms; delivering equipment to standby locations; picking up soiled equipment; cleaning and processing equipment; conducting equipment tracking rounds throughout the patient rooms; and recording each activity by scanning equipment as it is completed.


Knowledge and Physical Requirements


* High school diploma or equivalent.


* Prior work experience in hospital setting or customer service preferred.


* Basic computer skills.


* Willing to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays, as well as emergency off-hours as required.


* Able to lift and/or push 75 pounds.


* Able to stand and walk for long periods of time.


Behavioral Skills (How the jobholders must conduct themselves with other people.)


* Possesses quality orientation with a "get it right the first time" attitude.


* Complies with patient privacy laws in all matters.


* Maintains and projects confidence, enthusiasm and a professional image.


* Flexible, coachable.


* Demonstrates strong communication skills (listening, writing and speaking).


* Demonstrates team orientation and shows respect for others.


* Proactive and self motivated.


* Organized; prioritizes to meet deadlines.


* Operates with a proactive approach towards safety, health and quality in compliance with all company, governmental and customer policies and regulations.


* Maintains a clean and safe work environment.


* Customer-focused; willing to go above and beyond.


Practical Skills (Tasks that the job holder must be able to do and demonstrate.)


* Able to dialogue with clinical staff on the topics of equipment features, functionality, etc.


* Understands and uses effective conflict resolution skills, e.g., identifies and resolves service concerns, discrepancies and disagreements.


* Ensures prompt and courteous service is delivered to all customers in person and in all communications.


* Takes customer equipment requests and fills orders within established time line.


* Delivers equipment to patient rooms (fill 100% of customer orders) or standby locations in patient-ready condition with appropriate software, configuration, accessories and disposables. Verifies standby locations on a daily basis.


* Picks up, cleans and processes all soiled equipment, preparing it for "patient ready" use following all UHS and hospital protocols.


* Conducts equipment tracking rounds using handheld scanners to capture equipment activities.


* Runs reports as required by supervisor and monitors equipment levels.


* Records all non-functional equipment that has been reported by customer.


* Completes safety inspections/preventative maintenance on equipment (when applicable).


* Documents all equipment incidents in occurrence with both UHS and customer policies.


* Provides all customer feedback to UHS supervisor in a timely manner.


* Performs other assigned duties.


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