Best things to do in san Antonio while you travel in US

River side walk in San Antonio

One of the main activity to do in San Antonio is the river walk cruise, there are lots of thing to enjoy in San Antonio river side walk. The top view is a landscape view and site seeing the small boats are floating in a row looks awesome!  

Sightseeing on cruise in San Antonio

You can’t miss the sightseeing on a cruise while you travel on San Antonio, put in your list to do a most important thing to do while you travel in San Antonio. The real river show will be a life time experience for new visitors in San Antonio. While you traveling on a cruise you can watch unlimited apple trees, it’s really an unforgettable view in San Antonio. Next lovely view is San Antonio tea gardens, the fully green hills and lands make your day happy. The area fully green and look like Munnar hill station. You can ask the guide to stop the cruise near the green tea garden and enter in to the garden to enjoy the view. Inside the green garden there is a small shop to buy San Antonio tea. Try this, you will never forget this experience.   

San Antonio hop-on hop-off bus trip

Defiantly you should try this on your visit in San Antonio, first the bus will take you to Alamo, its first historical place in the San Antonio, the Alamo church build by Franciscans in 1718, the church has lots of history of San Antonio to say to the travellers! Mexico and US war San Antonio war was happened was here at 1836. More than 5000 militants died in the Alamo church war in San Antonio. The Alamo church war was lasted for 20 days the city lost 300 civilians. In Alamo church has displayed more than 100 pictures about the war and war life of San Antonio.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Next your bus will move towards San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. In 2015 San Antonio state is declared a mission to develop San Antonio national park to brand as historical heritage of the state. Based on the mission it names as “san antonio missions national historical park & mission trail”. Now its become one of the top historical architecture place for travellers in San Antonio.    

You will get rent a bike near the San Antonio Mission, you can hire one for a day you can watch all mission area in bike ride. This is a good option for travellers to explore the San Antonio mission. In San Antonio mission main attraction is a small old port, in the US- Mexico war US army used this port to fight agents Mexico. The port don’t have much architecture structure but still the San Antonio Missions kept this place as heritage sport.   

Next bus spot will be downtown in San Antonio

Downtown is the business district in the San Antonio, it has three highways to connect most of the states in US. Trading and hospitality is the main business over here. San Antonio government promoting truism for as a new business opportunity and it from the last two years have 20% growth in the state. 2.5 million people living San Antonio state is now a fast-growing business hub in the US. As a traveller you can do your shopping from downtown. Another attraction in San Antonio downtown is redtro discos and pubs. Most of the pubs have special offer for travellers like discount coupons or day time discount or couple entry free. You have to just walk around the downtown to check what available there today. Next things to do here is to visit Thurbhe, but it’s not for everyone. Downtown is the right place for the one who is looking for red street district. Turbhe store is famous for the red-light area, you can reach easily there from the station. KKR road direct you to the Turbhe red-light area. Alamo Plaza Historic District is one of the main attraction in San Antonio downtown.   

Pearl Brewery neighborhoods will be your next traveling sport in San Antonio. Public art is the major attraction for tourist to come here. The town itself look like a happening place. Its only you can feel in Pearl Brewery in San Antonio. 

There's a 30-foot extend of uncovered modern channelling along a block pathway in San Antonio's Pearl Brewery area that got yarn-besieged a couple of months prior. As indicated by the neighborhood guerrilla sewing bunch Yarn Dawgz, which introduced the long, brilliantly striped sock, it's a pipe comfortable. No bureaucratic spoilsports have endeavoured to dispose of it yet, nor did they challenge when the Dawgz secured a few seats and tables with beautiful fluff a few Thanksgivings prior. 

The site of a previous bottling works along the Museum Reach segment of the popular Riverwalk, the Pearl is this Texas city's partner to Minneapolis' Mill District and North Loop, however much more beautiful. An intentionally natural amphitheatre in the recreation centre highlights Exhale shows of option Latin music six times each year and free motion pictures. Different circumstances it's loaded with couples and families simply taking their simplicity, perhaps having an excursion. Open works of art spot the Riverwalk like tapas enticing bystanders to visit the adjacent San Antonio Museum of Art. 

The Culinary Institute of America as of late opened its third branch in the Pearl, which as of now is home to a portion of the most sweltering eateries nearby. Toss in an art brewpub, hip attire and houseware boutiques, a warm, perfectly supplied independent book shop and a ranchers market, and it means a desert garden of independence in a sprawling city of chain-store shopping centres.