Bahrain court sentences six for terror attacks.

Since crushing Shia-led road protests in 2011, Bahraini police have cracked down on all dissent, banning both religious and secular opposition parties and jailing hundreds. A judicial source told AFP that half of those sentenced to death on Monday were also Shia. 

Human rights say that counter-terrorism laws was abused to violate many peaceful resistance figures.

It was the first official mention of any plot to kill Field Marshal Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, who is a part of the ruling family, but the Bahrain News Agency (BNA) gave no further details of when or where it was alleged to have taken place.

The court sentenced seven additional defendants to seven-year prison terms and deprived them too of their citizenship.  Five men were acquitted. Only 10 of the defendants are in custody, BNA said.  Another eight are about the run-both inside Bahrain or in Iran or even Iraq.

Bahrain's leading military court sentenced six men to death on Monday after convicting these charges such as plotting to assassinate the Gulf nation's armed forces chief, state media reported.

Tiny but tactical Bahrain continues to be gripped by unrest for years as its Sunni royal household has resisted demands from its own Shia majority to get a constitutional monarchy with an elected prime minister.

BNA explained that one of them was a serving soldier prior to his arrest and that  all six were stripped of their citizenship.