At the age of 15 sexually abused by music teacher Says Shanaya Abigail.

Shanaya Abigail the online actress and in the lead role of Hot air hostess the Hollywood movie star reveled to media about a sexual abuse by her music teacher at the age of fifteen. Abigail was in love with violin at her younger age and her mum send Abigail to a violinist to learn violin. Shanaya was going to violin class after her school and evening time she go to the violin class. In the evening batch only Shanaya Abigail and one another student for the violin class. One day Shanaya was only in the calss and her young teacher teaching her to hold violin shoulder and to balance it. While he moving her had to shift the violin his finger touched Abigail shirt top button and the shirt's top opend and her bra was visible Abigail didnt noticed it and teacher put his finger inside her bra and touched her boobs. Shanaya thought its an accidental touch and she concentrated on to play the violin, but her male teacher put his hand deep inside the bra and start pressing on her boobs. Shanaya Abigail noticed his hand play and ask him about it, He said its just balancing the violin and to hold the violin from down it just touch.

Abigail didnt recognize that he is sexually abusing her, next days the other student was absent for a week and he repeated the same thing while in the calss, every day he playing style was different, one day he just put his tea on my shirt and he start cleaning my shirt and the way he removed my buttons and started cleaning my bra, "I thought its just an indecent and he just cleaning it" Shanaya says. But he just pulled her bra down and and rub the cloth on her boobs and he put her bra down and take out her boobs out. Shanaya Abigail asked him why you doing such things and he answered her that the make you skin allergy so need to clean very carefully.

After a week the other student came back to attend the class, from that day his class was normal. After a month i have to to going to class for some other reason. After some days i was realized that my violin teacher was sexually abusing me.