Alappuzha beach is real entertainment for world travelers. 

The driving to the Alappuzha beach Kerala, here is nearly as amazing as the beach offering you endless ways to enjoy your leisure and diversion.

Whether you are going on a family vacation on Alappuzha beach it will be real fun for kids as well as adults. If you are in a leisure travel, business trip, or just a day in the Alappuzha beach, you will find precisely what you've been on the lookout for in Alappuzha beach and the Space Coast area to make your stay one you'll never forget.

Alappuzha beach is an among the most inexpensive beach for the one who want to spend their vacations in Kerala. There's never a lack of stuff to see or do in and around Alappuzha beach. Besides the fun in Sunlight, Space Coast offers you the chance to go deep sea fishing or parasailing, try your fortune aboard a casino cruise ship, or just take a river tour and also get up close and personal with all the awesome wildlife of Alappuzha at Kerala. You can’t forget the un limited fun of Alappuzha beach at Kerala.

While at Alappuzha beach, you may also see the Alleppey handicrafts Centre and the Alleppey backwaters, or even spend some time to do shopping. The backwaters will real fun for kids, to explore the Alappuzha houseboat you must do a houseboat traveling in the Alappuzha lake at Kerala.

The next attraction in the Alappuzha beach trip is the night dinner at Cool Jaz food court, all kind of evening snacks are available at affordable price is the speciality of it. Cool Jaz is the favourite joints for food lovers in Alappuzha beach. The affordable price and the quality foods are made this joint so famous in Alappuzha beach travellers. The food court Coll Jaz have a speciality outlet and its all dishes are made with apple cider vinegar. Its really something new for food lovers.

Alappuzha beach has good beach side cafes, and sell good Kerala style foods and snacks, this will be the tastiest experience for the one who love special dishes. Chilly baji is something special snack dish should try at least once in life time, it’s very spicy and hot, but love to eat it.  

Then, you are able to stay the night with ideal accommodations and wake up to a breath-taking sunrise on the beach. Near the Alappuzha beach lots of good home satays, its good place to live with homely food and live like a family member. Also 4 and 5-star hotels also available near the Alappuzha beach to say clam. 

With lots to offer you and your entire family, Alappuzha beach provides a superb beach vacation or getaway. It will be an amazing un forgettable travelling experience at Alappuzha beach. 

There is plenty to do on the Alappuzha beach shore, with sufficient local to help keep you coming back for more.

Marari beach resort at Alappuzha

Marari beach resort originates from Mararikulam, among the local fishing village in Alappuzha, its located near a green paddy field, where life goes on much as it did a hundred decades back, with the men going out to sea each day to make a living bringing in the daily catch. Not that you will need to devote all of your vacation at Alappuzha at you could not be at a better place for exploring the Alappuzha beach and marvellous backwaters, in which the tranquillity, the magnificent scenery and the feeling of being transported back in time, make it a superbly relaxing and inspirational experience.

Once you done with the Alappuzha beach and houseboats to get a more optimistic day, a trip from Alappuzha to Cochin is essential. Being among the main trade centres on the Spice Coast that is the location to do a spot of shopping and who understands you may actually find a real antique in a few of the numerous stores in Jew Town. Cochin beach is famous with its China fishing net.

After a busy day of shopping, go back to Alappuzha Marari beach resort and sit back and relax, watch the sun go down on the horizon at Alappuzha beach and get ready for a relaxing dinner in the Marari beach resort restaurant. After dinner you'll be able to rediscover the art of conversation with your fellow holidaymakers. Have a relaxing drink in the bat or simply enjoy a very moment in your veranda reflecting about the day's events. Until today Alappuzha Marari beach resort has been among the best kept secrets of India.

Marari beach resort got a feeling it will not remain a secret for long, so try it today and be among the very first to encounter undiscovered Alappuzha at Kerala! At a great location in Alappuzha near the Vembanaadu lake set in 25 acres of coconut palm groves leading down to the huge expanse of beach.

Each villa at Alappuzha Marari beach resort has a small backyard. The deluxe villas that has exactly the very same amenities and a separate sitting room that can accommodate an additional two individuals, are located in its own floor with its very own swimming pool. There's a huge swimming pool with sun terrace close to the primary buffet restaurant, bar and an amphitheatre where cultural shows are performed. Alappuzha beach is just walking distance from Marari resort.

The Marari beach resort has its own Ayurveda Centre led by the resident Ayurveda Doctor and a group of committed masseurs and trainers. Beach Cots and Cozy Hammoks are dispersed from the grove. The Alappuzha Beach Volleyball court is going to be an enjoyable place to have a friendly game and also for the more adventuresome, bicycles are available at the reception to find the area. In the latest addition to the Alappuzha beach resort, the services and facilities have the maximum standard and they are certain it is going to become a popular option with all the more discerning gentleman who is seeking something a bit special in a natural and exotic site.

Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is nearly as old as the Indian civilisation. It's holistic approach, the efficacy of its therapies and the absence of distressing side impacts are a few of its salient features. Alappuzha is the hub of Ayurveda and feel the experience at Alappuzha Marari beach resort.

Throughout the world there's an increasing awareness of the advantages of natural health programs. Health from the ayurvedic perspective reflects the Harmony of body, soul and mind. 

The Alappuzha Marari Beach Resort provides the following remedies at it is Ayurvedic Centre under the guidance of a professional doctors that you could consult for a fuller comprehension of symptoms and proper therapy.